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Our Guide to Luxury Houseboats in Kerala4 min read

October 25, 2020 4 min read


Our Guide to Luxury Houseboats in Kerala4 min read

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Experience the tranquillity!

If the experience of house boating is compressed into a word, magical describes it the best. Quaint houseboats gliding through the enchanting backwaters have become the thumbnail of Kerala tourism. Luxury Houseboats in Kerala are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after tourist attractions. What makes it so special? The houseboats can only be seen and experienced in Kerala. Although there are many houseboat-like variants in other places, nothing comes as close to the Kerala one in terms of majesty and the wholesome experience.

The houseboats are designed on the traditional Kettuvallom of Kerala. The boats normally sport bamboo walls and a thatched roof. The houseboats of Kerala appear compact from the outside, but it features very spacious interiors.

They are designed for slow, leisurely expeditions although, they were formerly used to transport spices and rice from Kuttanad to Kochi. The vast interiors were meant to stockpile goods. The advancement in transportation facilities had put houseboats out of business.  Thus the unused houseboats were remodelled on a large scale to attract tourists.

The design of the houseboats is very traditional and rustic on the outside, but the interiors are equipped with all the modern facilities for the convenience of a tourist. The facilities of the standard houseboat model are limited to cosy seats. The high-end models offer the ultimate luxury, including air-conditioners, fine décor, world-class bathroom fittings, and so on.

Luxury Houseboats in Kerala

Here are some most-loved luxury houseboat providers in Kerala

Luxury Houseboats in Kerala

1. Oberoi Vrinda Houseboat

Oberoi Luxury houseboat is a floating splendour. The high-end luxury houseboat takes its course through the vibrant waterways of the ‘Venice of the East’. The houseboat voyage is offered as two packages, viz. two night and three-night houseboat escapade.

The opulent cruise journeys the guest through the vastness of the majestic Vembanad Lake. To make the expedition even more joyous, the hotel offers live traditional and cultural performances. The houseboat has a full-fledged kitchen and skilled chefs on board. The guests don’t have to wait till the boat makes a pit stop; delectable food is always available in the boat itself. The houseboat offers 8 king-sized, deluxe cabins so that the guest can enjoy the utmost luxury and privacy. The other amenities offered are high-speed internet, a dedicated personal butler, and cosy furniture.

2. Discovery Houseboats

The factor that makes Discovery houseboat to stand out among the deluge of houseboat services is its eco-friendliness. These boats are completely run by an electric motor and are not causing pollution in the enchanting backwaters. If you are a responsible tourist who yearns to enjoy nature and do not wish to contribute towards the destruction of the environment while relishing it, you can choose this ride.

The design of this Kettuvallam is adorably quaint, and the interiors are super-luxurious. The spacious private deck of the boat gives the perfect view of the surrounding lush greenery and the allure of the backwaters. The design of the boat is abundant with windows that invite the breezes of the backwaters to every corner of the rooms. The service of renowned chefs is made available in the boat to fulfil any food fantasies of the guests. The chefs conjure up anything from local cuisines to international cuisines.

3. Royal Suite

If you want your houseboat experience to be regal and majestic go for a Royal Suite. It offers the perfect blend of opulence and nature’s marvel. The boat service covers all the celebrated backwater routes and spots of Alleppey. The interiors of the boat are equipped with state-of-the-art décor and extravagant bath fittings. The honeymoon edition of Royal Suite features sublime glass windows and a Jacuzzi.

The guest can unwind in the Jacuzzi whilst quaffing the glory of the dusk; the illustrious sunset is a heavenly experience. The crystal clear glass windows transport the magnificence of the surroundings into the rooms. Apart from the grandeur of the houseboat, the service is also known for the succulent food it services. Talented chefs with perfection prepare the international cuisines, and the local food is made utmost authenticity. The Kerala cuisine offered in the houseboat includes dishes made from fresh coconuts, sweet plantain, tiger prawns, and other exotic fish varieties.

4. Spice Coast Cruises

A ride in Spice Coast Cruises is as vivid as its nomenclature. The service facilitated by the CGH group operates many branches in various backwater locations of Kerala. The luxury houseboat service is offered in two categories viz. one bedroom and two bedrooms. The interiors of these houseboats are very spacious when compared to their counterparts.

Luxury Houseboats in Kerala

The spice coast houseboats are lauded for their excellent customer service and cost-effectiveness. The restaurant aboard the boat covers all international cuisines along with local delicacies. Apart from the delicious food, the guest can also enjoy wine and beer during the voyage. The boat has a well-stocked beer and wine parlour which is always open to the guests.

The front portion of the boat features a spacious balcony and an open lounge. The lounge area is sheltered with cane and rattan, where the guest can sit under the comforting shade and witness the splendid view of the never-ending backwaters.

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