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A Luxury Holiday In Kerala Backwaters – Here is your Ready Reckoner7 min read

October 25, 2020 6 min read


A Luxury Holiday In Kerala Backwaters – Here is your Ready Reckoner7 min read

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Things To Consider When Booking A Luxury Holiday In Kerala Backwaters

Things To Consider When Booking A Luxury Holiday In Kerala Backwaters.  Choosing a stay in a houseboat will be an ideal option to enjoy the whole splendour of nature of a backwater destination in Kerala. While listening to the ripples of the lagoon, you can also enjoy the lush greenery around it. You can see the density of greenery is increasing as you traverse through the houseboat. Here are things to consider When Booking A Luxury Holiday In Kerala Backwaters.

Everyone loves a deluxe getaway in Kerala backwaters because the winsome environment of God’s own country has a magic power of enticing people to visiting again. A perfect blend of green, blue, and orange constitutes one’s imagination about Kerala because of the pleasing atmosphere and nature. The backwaters of Kerala have the fusion of tranquillity and prettiness, and the time spent here will be like cloud nine.

Luxury Holiday in Kerala

Luxury Holiday in Kerala


Choosing a stay in a houseboat will be an ideal option to enjoy the whole splendour of nature of this destination. While listening to the ripples of the lagoon, you can also enjoy the lush greenery around the backwaters. You can see the density of greenery and scenes of life along the backwaters as you traverse through the houseboat.

Places to enjoy houseboats in Kerala.

Apart from hilly regions like Idukki or Wayanad, all other places in Kerala are blessed with an abundance of backwater bodies and large canals. The main houseboat centres are Alleppey, Kottayam, and Kollam.


No other place in Kerala can beat Alleppey in terms of the number of backwaters, lagoons, and canals. The never-ending, meandering inland waterways are the best place to take a house boating expedition. You can travel to any corner of Alleppey and still be in the vicinity of backwaters and houseboats. The Vembanad Lake, which is the largest lake in Kerala, forms the longest backwater stretch in Alleppey. Kumarakom, Marrarikulam, Kuttanad, etc. are the major house boating centres in Alleppey.

Tourists visiting from other states and other countries frequent Alleppey for house boating. The whopping tourist turnout has made the place a hub for house boating activities.

Alleppey offers a myriad of house boating opportunities to a visitor. There is a multitude of hotels and other organizations providing house boating rides and houseboat rentals of various price ranges.


Many backwaters that beautify Alleppey extend to Kumarakom. One can enjoy the beauty of the cultivation lands, greenery, and paddy fields on either side of the waterways and feasts your eyes and soul by witnessing them. The captivating houseboat journey through the backwaters of Kumarakom is assured to be etched to your mind which you can relish and cherish for the years to come.


Like Alleppey and Kottayam, Kollam does not have many backwater routes. But the sprawling Ashtamudi River gives an experience as magnificent as the spiralling backwaters. There are many less explored tourist destinations near Kollam like Palaruvi waterfalls which you can club together with the houseboat ride. If you are travelling to Kerala via Trivandrum airport, Kollam is the nearest backwater destination that you can reach in an hour. The Ashtamudi River is highly placid and peaceful, and houseboat navigation through the river is spellbinding and ethereal.


Kochi offers a different boating experience altogether. Unlike other destinations, instead of lush-green grasslands and calm-country life, house boating in Kochi gives you a unique combination of exciting urban life and serenity. The Kochi boat ride takes you through canals in between lofty buildings and majestic bridges. The boats used in Kochi are not normal houseboats but fibreglass boats or canoes

2. Kerala Houseboat Rates


If you are looking for a few hours of houseboat ride alone or with family, it is ideal to go for a ride on a per-person basis. As the name suggests, you pay per person. You will be sharing the ride with many other tourists; if you like mingling and acquainting with people, the experience will be delightful for you. The rate differs according to the time and distance covered during the trip and the facilities of the houseboat.


You can rent a whole houseboat for yourself; that way, you don’t have to share your beautiful journey with strangers. The boats can be rented for a few hours, a day, or a few days. Renting the boat will obviously be more expensive than per person ride. When you rent the boat, you can decide the routes to take, destinations to cover, and you can also decide when, where, and how long to make a halt. The average rate for a deluxe, one-room houseboat is 8000 for a day and night.  The premium houseboat can cost you an average of 10,000 for a single bedroom.

3. Factors to ponder upon while booking a Luxury Houseboat in Kerala

Many operators offer the houseboat service, so you have to check for the best one. The one-of-its-kind experience of travelling through houseboat needs thorough research and planning. Before you book your stay in a houseboat, keep these things in your mind to have a pleasurable trip:


The traditional wooden houseboat or the Kettuvallam is turned to be the houseboat and the average lifetime of the kettuvallam is between six to ten years. The houseboats require annual maintenance and when you book a houseboat, make sure that the houseboat is properly maintained and the operator is trustworthy. You should know the details of the houseboat before you begin your journey.


When you book for the houseboat, try to book the upper deck for more comfort and better seclusion. The upper deck offers you perfect photographic opportunities and cosiness. Book the deck ensuring that it is well arranged with sofas. Some houseboats do not offer sofas, and it will spoil the ecstasy of the voyage.


Are you planning to visit Kerala at the perfect time? Kerala can visit at any time, but if you need a serene cruise, then it is better to avoid the monsoon season (June to mid-November). The quietness of the backwaters can be revealed almost all the time except monsoon. So, book your journey according to a suitable climate.


The majority of the houseboats will dock after the sunset, and if you share your requirement with the operator, they will arrange the night voyage. The night cruise is expensive than the morning cruise, but, the experience given by the night voyage is mesmerizing. The experience of the night spend under the canopy of shining stars will be imprinted on your mind forever.


Your luxury voyage of houseboat will be incomplete without air-conditioning. Houseboats offers air-condition during the night, and in the morning, you may be spending your time on the deck so you may not need air condition. However, if you plan the trip when the weather is hot, reserve for an air-conditioned cruise.

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4. Luxury Backwater Hotels And Resorts in Kerala

Have you found pleasure in sitting inactive on the balcony of a luxury resort overlooking the backwaters? If you are not planning a houseboat journey, book a backwater resort. There are numerous resorts in Kerala, which overlooks the backwaters. The luxurious backwater resorts present an outstanding getaway with an admirable view of backwaters and scrumptious Kerala cuisine. You will keep watching the expanse of the backwaters, and your eyes will not feel boring. The backwater resorts are the paradise of holiday-seekers. Some of the luxurious resorts that offer the exotic view of the backwaters are:

Kerala has numerous luxury backwater resorts that allow you to enjoy the slow rhythm of the ripples of backwaters. In the evening, you can imbibe the sight of the saffron sun kissing the backwaters bidding farewell. If you want to indulge in absorbing nature’s beauty, then it is better to choose houseboats. Your days and night will be floating in the backwaters with the escort of a chilling breeze. On the other hand, if you are planning to go wandering outdoor, then book for a deluxe resort near backwaters and find exult in your daily activities with the marvellous beauty of lakes surrounding.

Try to fill your holiday with happiness and memories and do good research before booking a houseboat or resort. Your trip will be a blend of romance, seclusion, and relaxation if you pick the right option. The amenities should meet your requirements and your wallet also. The tranquillity and hospitality are guaranteed at these deluxe resorts and houseboats. Check for reviews, find a suitable option, pack your bags, and head to Kerala.

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