Kochi also denoted as the QUEEN OF THE ARABIAN SEA signifies the merger of the colonial past and the miscellany of contemporary India. It is a vivacious city located in the Ernakulum district of Kerala. The city is speckled with plentiful citadels and palaces, eminent for its architectural grandeur. Kochi or Cochin, also recognized as Ernakulum, is the trade and commercial capital of Kerala. This city devours one of the gorgeous natural ports in the world. Moreover, the place cuddles a whole lot of tourists’ charms. Having said that, it’s time to gape a few of them:

  • Dutch Palace

Erected by the Portuguese in 1557, the architectural edifice of the palace is worth flattering. The palace holds delicate frescoes portraying the scenes of Puranic folklores.

  • Bolghatty Palace

Situated on the stunning island Bolghatty, the Palace is situated in a close immediacy to Ernakulum. Now, it is a hotel managed by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

  • Chinese Fishing Net

Chinese fishing net is one of the primary magnetism of the city. Colossal nets are found here with exclusive features, used by the fisherman to hook the fish.

  • Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

This is a paradise for bird observers. The sanctuary is located in the core of the city Ernakulum. It is bliss to abundant avifauna species counting breeding and migrant birdies.

  • Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica

Constructed in 1506, the Basilica grants the architectural splendor of the ancient time. You can catch here the relics of many epochs in Kochi.

  • Indo-Portuguese Museum

Works of art from diverse churches are exhibited here. This museum conserves the legacy of one of India’s most primitive Catholic groups.

  • The Paradesi Synagogue

This is an architectural miracle, erected in 1568. It is one of the primo genial synagogues in the world. It owns some lovely hand-painted, Belgian hanging up lighters in addition to Chinese porcelain tiles.

  • Mattancherry

Here resides a Jewish town as well as a 400-year-old Jewish synagogue. It is one of the chief spice souks in Kerala. Along with, here is a Dutch fort.

  • Marine Drive

You can have a decent sight of the shipyard and several islands from this place. The evenings at Marine Drive are humming and sparkling with hundreds of folks adoring the sea gust and dusk.

  • Hill Palace Museum

This museum entices many history fanatics. Many relics connected to the Cochin domain are displayed here.


Kochi is a sparkling, green port town in Kerala, which stands sprinkled with a sum of locations and tributes of historical implication. It is a stunning place which houses an exceptional culture, enchanting beaches and blooming backwaters. Cochin has a diverse appeal in different seasons and it can definitely be stopped at all around the year.

The commemorations like Christmas and Cochin Carnivals are lead in winters. All of these festivals are notable here with a delightful assortment of flamboyant rallies and competitions led all through. So visiting the place in winters would be indeed well-intentioned. Moreover, Kochi devours a tropical temperature that does not have great disparities. It has modest summers and cool midwinters with little drizzles and rains in between. You can visit the place at any time of the year except rainy season.

What We Love?

So, you have planned to visit Kerala, right? Well, in that case, you should certainly include Kochi in your schedule! Why? For the reason that, the city has many things to offer you! Now, let us have a peep at the foremost magnetism in and around Kochi that would make you fall in love with the place.

  • Cochin Carnival, Onam festival, Fireworks festival and Shiva Temple festival are all steered at several times of the year. Being at Kochi in one of those whiles would fascinate you, for sure.
  • Flavorsome seafood is popular here. Over and above, prawns, squids and shrimps add to the overall glee. To boot, you can enjoy the scrumptious cuisines of Kochi like meen molagitta curry and kurukku kalan.
  • The tourism industry here has advanced inquisitively. A rationally warm weather typifies this Arabian Queen. The place houses Ayurveda, Heritage tourist hubs and plentiful water and adventure activities

What To Know?

Kochi can be regarded as a bunch of islands and main land all associated by bridges and ferries. In like manner, it is measured as the financial capital of the state.  There is a lot more to know about the place. Let us have a deep glimpse of those things:

  • Kochi has a protuberant abode in the Indian history. It is evident from the eras when folks here started dealing in spices with people of other nations. The impact of the trading associates like Arabs, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese led to the combination of several philosophies at this place.
  • Kochi is the cosmopolitan and the computer capital of Kerala. Owing to the natural splendor, it is termed as – THE LAND OF COCONUTS.
  • Different variations of goods are obtainable at the shops over here. The city is a chief sale point for spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and tea.

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