Top 5 Reasons To Go For a Trekking Tour In Thekkady5 min read

October 25, 2020 4 min read


Top 5 Reasons To Go For a Trekking Tour In Thekkady5 min read

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Enjoy Trekking in a Blessed Destination

Thekkady is a blessed destination with breathtaking natural beauty and wildlife that will revive any tourist’s mind. The jade green-clad hills, misty atmosphere, and cerulean lakes are combined to form this mesmerizing land of natural charm and splendour. For visitors who love finding out the secret treasures of the forest by walking over, Trekking tour in Thekkady is the best destination to discover.

When Periyar Wildlife sanctuary joins with Thekkady, the destination became the top-rated attraction for tourists from across the world to satiate their wanderlust. Realizing the adventure spirit of the tourists coming over, Thekkady offers daytime trucking facilities to entertain the spirit of nature enthusiasts. Thekkady is the best choice to disconnect you from the tiring city life and connect with the free-flowing jungle life to experience a refreshing and soothing feel.

Some private resorts have their own trekking programs, and the duration may vary according to the requirement of the visitors. This hiking is organized to connect with the major hill stations nearby. So, at the time of booking your resort, ask for the trekking facility provided by them.

Thekkady is like a dreamland for nature enthusiasts as the destination presents many eye-catching sights apart from trekking. Boating in Periyar Lake is another most demanding program in Thekkady. The forest department provides visitors with two-hour boating for a single pass. During this time, if you are lucky, you can spot the blissful sight of wild elephants playing with their calf in the lake. The majority of the programs conducted here are related to the exploration of the opaque forest and the uniqueness of wildlife.

Trekking in Thekkady is not just an experience; it teaches you about different dimensions of life, such as the life of tribal and life of wild animals. The vicinity of the forest is filled with people who lead complete ethnic life. Thekkady bestows you plenty of exploring options and millions of experiences. This is why the destination is chosen for an outstanding getaway. Prepare your mind to encounter a very distinctive life and witness the fierceness of the dense forest. You can see your mind is craving for revisiting this place!

Thekkady offers a wide range of trekking and other sightseeing opportunities for visitors. The top 5 reasons that make Thekkady truly special among visitors than any other trekking destinations are as follows.

Trekking Tour In Thekkady

Trekking Tour In Thekkady

1. Nature Walks

The Nature Walk leading by a tribal guide is a superb opportunity to discover flora and fauna of the jungle. The 4-5 km walk bestows you a fantastic trekking experience and en route you can indulge in bird watching, finding out types of trees and plants and if you observe more, the small inhabitants of the forest-butterflies can be watched. The expedition is perfect on the foot because you can enjoy each second of the trekking. You can completely utilize your time to enjoy nature’s tranquillity and wildlife around you.

The eco-tourism information centre at Thekkady offers a booking facility for the Nature Walks program. There should be a minimum of four people in the trekking group and Rs. 200 per person is charged for the Nature Walks. You can collect all the information regarding the itinerary from the centre before your trip. The team will guide you with what all precautions you should take for exploring your most desired spot. If you are trekking during monsoon, it is generally advised to wear leech proof socks to avoid leeches.

2. Border Hiking

Border Hiking is an experience unique with Thekkady. The long hard trek begins at 8 am and finishes at 5 pm. This trek takes a full day and covers 15km. This trek is conversation-oriented because it is hard and goes through the Tiger Reserve. During the trek, you can spot wild animals, including snacks, deer, monkeys, wild elephants, and so on. The route is at an altitude of 900 to 1300 meters, and when you look from the lofty hill, you will get a spectacular view of the surrounding areas. The sight of the plantations from the height is simply amazing, and the spot offers plenty of photographic opportunities.

Two groups consisting of six members are allowed for each day. Children below 12 years are not encouraged to this trekking. On the way, vegetarian meals are available for visitors.

3. Clouds Walk

The guided trek in Thekkady takes a duration of 3 to 4 hours.  The local tribal guides have been conducting this cloud walk since 2006. Have a look at the grasslands and forest; the beauty of nature will overwhelm you! En route, you can understand the life of the tribal and cultural traditions of them. The prosperous cultural heritage of the Mannan Tribe was displayed at Tribal Heritage Museum. The sight of the Tamilnadu border and the tribal village will be clear from the top of the hill if the weather is pleasing one.

The trek is scheduled in the morning between 7.30 and 8.30 ending at 12.30 PM and the next section begins at 1 PM and ends at 6 PM.

4. Jungle Patrol

This program offers tourists to take part in regular night rounds in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.  The three-hour program is conducted between 7 pm to 4 am, and the tourists must have good mental and physical health for this trek.  The Jungle scout is done with the escort of armed guards. The mystery of the jungle can be completely enjoyed at night.  It is during night hours the cacophony of insects, and the murmuring of the trees makes the forest more mysterious. This is truly a wonderful experience that you should never miss to enjoy.

Two guides and an armed forest guard escort each team of patrolling. Children above 12 years are only allowed for Jungle patrol.

5. Periyar Tiger Trail

Tiger trail trekking consists of a 20-35 km walk through the forest. Local people who are the protectors of the forest will guide you. As an adventure lover, you will enjoy the thrill given by this program. The trekking and camping program letting you know about wildlife closely. You will get the opportunity to spot the ferocious predators of the forests, and en route, the adventure stories of former poachers from your guides will boost your hunting spirit.

Tiger trail offers two packages, including one night and two days or 2 nights and three days. The trained local guides of your team will cook delicious ethnic food for you. The ‘star food’ is vegetarian, and your intestines will sure welcome the new taste eagerly.

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