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Top 10 Reasons to go to Kerala for Honeymoon3 min read

October 28, 2020 3 min read


Top 10 Reasons to go to Kerala for Honeymoon3 min read

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Honeymoon in God’s Own Country!

Interested in enjoy your honeymoon in Kerala? Kerala is one of the most loved honeymoon destinations in India for newlywed couples. With many activities to keep you busy and places to visit like pristine beaches, pacifying backwaters, secluded grasslands, and congenial climate make it a favourite honeymoon destination. Kerala’s romantic shores are always welcoming of couples and always ushers them to an ideal romantic escape.

Honeymoon in Kerala

Honeymoon in Kerala

1. Natural Beauty

The place is called God’s own the ….country and rightly so. Kerala is blessed with natural beauty, and every place in the state looks like a stunning wallpaper. The coconuts tree, the blue mountain, and riveting rivers and verdant grasslands make Kerala one of the most amazing places to be with your better half.

2. Beaches

Kerala is the land of most delightful beaches too. You can choose the beach according to the activity you wish to pursue. There are beaches with adventurous activities like Kozhikode and Muzhappilangad; secluded beaches where you can sit back and enjoy with your soul mates like Kuzhupalli or beaches near historical monuments where you can enjoy the beauty of the beach with some culture like Kochi or Bekal.

3. Lush Greenery

Every nook and corner of the state is covered with thick vegetation and rich flora. The lush greenery which greets you everywhere soothes your eyes and soul. In this green paradise, it does not matter whether you are in the city, rural area, or suburb, the green flora beckons you.

4. Backwaters

Backwaters are Kerala’s distinct attraction; you will never enjoy the backwaters as you do in Kerala. The uncontaminated water spouting through palm-lined lands is a mesmerizing sight. Alleppy or Venice of the east is the quintessential backwater town in Kerala.

5. Hill Stations

If you are a mountain person and if you wish to snug up with your loved one at a chilling hill station, Kerala has something to offer to you too. The magnanimous Western Ghats has blessed Kerala with many hill stations that Wayanad and Munnar are most sought after. The scenic landscapes, snow-clad mountains, milky waterfalls, and majestic grasslands of these hill stations make the perfect setting honeymoon.

6. Cuisines

The people of Kerala are quite unconventional and adventurous about their food. Therefore the cuisine of Kerala is as enjoyable as the place. Kerala has a rich and unique flavour of foods like seafood cuisines; Malabari cuisine and banana dishes. Kerala is famous for its spices and its spicy recipes of vegetarian and non-vegetation food.

7. Festivals

Most of the events and activities of Kerala happen in summer, which is the peak season. The biggest crowd-pulling events in Kerala are Biennale, Thrissur Pooram, Vishu, Deepavali, and Onam celebrations. Onam is the biggest celebration in Kerala, where people bid adieu to the swampy monsoon and welcome the sunny spring.

8. Culture

Kerala is admired for its diverse culture too. The cultural heritage of Kerala is embedded in its festivals, native art forms, language, literature, architectural style, music, cuisine, archaeological monuments, cuisine, heritage centres, and so on

9. Villages

The beauty of Kerala is best experienced in its Villages. Kerala government has conceived a concept called tourism village in the state, where you can indulge in the country life of Kerala. Kumbalangi is one such tourist village where you can enjoy a romantic and tranquil honeymoon

10. Visit Anytime

You do not have to wait for a particular season to visit Kerala. You can visit the places according to the climate that you like; if you yearn for chilly climate Munnar and Wayanad are the places for you and moderate climate drop into Kazargode or Kollam, and for tropical climate, Kochi and Trivandrum are the places to visit. In a nutshell, you can visit Kerala during any season and still enjoy the climate that you prefer by going to the right place.

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