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Top 7 Luxury Trains in India

October 28, 2020 7 min read
Top 7 luxury trains in India


Top 7 Luxury Trains in India

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Top 7 Luxury Trains in India

Trains are more than just a means of transport in India. The pleasure of being on a luxury train in India and gazing at beautiful landscapes is a unique experience in itself.

India is brimming with marvels and allures. The county is noticeable for its charming background, ethnic assortment, natural affluence, and conspicuous antiquity. Above and beyond, India has something for each traveler; it is recognized paramount for its luxury holidays. A luxury holiday in India means an assessment of the unbelievable cultural miscellany with the regal luxury trains.

What are luxury trains? The luxury trains are the preeminent way to navigate the affluent charms of India. The pleasure of being on a luxury train in India and gazing at beautiful landscapes is a unique experience in itself.

The perception of an Indian luxury train has added a decent jewel to the crown of Indian tourism. These trains are observed with excessive attention and appeal. Its distinctive conception combines royalty with train travel. They even endow an amazing merge of Indian hospitality with traditional infrastructure. Does the fantasy of roving back in time and feeling the striking royalty huggermugger you? If yes, then these luxury trains might well beat your outlooks.

List of top 7 luxury trains in India

Top 7 luxury trains in India

1. Maharaja’s Express

The Maharajas Express train expedition is a page-turner in the nation’s vacation industry. With the five eminent routes, the train is certainly an esteemed monarch of luxury trains. India was waiting for some miracle like this. The pan-Indian train navigates across the chief ends in the realm. Bestowed as the ‘Leading Luxury Train’ at World Travel Awards 2012, 2013 and 2014, it provides the finest of indulgence and expeditions in a distinct offering.

Indian Maharaja provides two weeklong journeys to its invitees. However, one ride initiates from Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai and terminates at Safdarjung Railway Station in New Delhi. The other side is the other way of the first one. What’s more? Fine dining is what boarders can delight on. Here, the restaurants serve a variety of appetizers, and the beverages served along with are complimentary!

A high-end boutique, a bar and a lot more fully take care of your frivolous needs. Furthermore, it shields all visitors under insurance cover against natural catastrophes like quake, fire or burglary. What else can be spoken of this train? I would rather say a Bon voyage for the boarders!

Maharaja’s Express

2. Palace on Wheels

Welcome onboard the majestic retreat!  Welcome on a journey with amazing interiors, sumptuous lights, and remarkable table settings! Experience the lushness and indulgence that the Indian Maharajas of former times in reality had! Yes, I am talking about the one and only- Palace on Wheels! The greatest package available is the 7 nights – 8 days trip which takes you to the projecting lures of Rajasthan. The excursion originates and settles in Delhi – the capital of India.

Talking about its hospitality, you can live like a RAJA and take pleasure in every single jiffy. Unwind, sit back and immerse in the flashy colors of Rajasthan! Relish an assortment of Indian, Chinese, Continental, and customary Rajasthani cuisines in the restaurants onboarding.

There is likewise a bar onboard where a range of intoxicating drinks is served.  Turbaned staff in red overcoats takes care of the heart-warming cordiality. To attend to your every urge, there is a KHIDMATGAR at your service! No wonder why it was designated as 4th best luxurious train across the globe!

3. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a majestic train persisting across the plot of rajahs in western India.

The train offers the frill of traveling the desert state in the shortest time conceivable. This innovative luxury train is a classy version of the Palace on Wheels and tails the same excursion and journey. Planning to relish the luxury experience of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels? Could you give it a THUMBS UP? With the capability to carry 88 travelers, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels navigates some of the most imperial destinations in Rajasthan.

What else? The luxury coaches have seats and study desks for your relaxation. Luxury inns at the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels have cabins with three double beds in each. Correspondingly, the spa car offers spa facilities that are similar to the amenities that one would acquire at international luxury trains. Do all these things entice you? Is your answer is YES? Then wait no more! Just gear up for the most implausible tour of your life!

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

4. The Deccan Odyssey

An additional plus to the heritage trains is The Deccan Odyssey. Providing you with a remarkable and lifetime expedition, it covers the most accepted and pleasant traveling places of Maharashtra and Goa. A grand regal train ride festooned with all the modern lushness and luxuries. It is the train where your imaginations of superfluity meet the authenticity.

Embark on Deccan Odyssey and instigate your noble voyage! This luxury train of India will take you on a journey of an era. The experience onboard The Deccan Odyssey is a voyager’s dream come true!

The cores of the train are a replication of the innumerable hues of the ironic legacy of India.  As well as the striking scenery unfolding through the windows of the train is just wonderful! Likewise, the train is fortified with contemporary services that embrace Plasma TVs, internet access, a well-stocked saloon, cafeterias, and a spa car. But, at the end of the day, all this derives for a price! So pay to have a guzzle of your life!

The Deccan Odyssey

5. Golden Chariot

Do you wish to tour in extravagance and discover the southern splendor of India? Then Golden Chariot Train is your solution! This luxury train accomplishes your fantasy and takes you on an unexpected journey through the plains, seashores, and picturesque scenery of south India. So-called after the eminent stone chariots in Hampi, this train undertakes to extract the ancient heritage of the southern region in a lavish style. Tinted in golden and purple shades, the train implies the regal era of erstwhile south Indian dynasties.

The coaches are termed after the empires of Karnataka. Besides, two dining cars, namely, Nala and Ruchi, are run by India’s principal hospitality group- The Mapple Group. Factually, Nala was a fabulous cook of Mahabharata eras while the meaning of Ruchi is a fine flavor in Sanskrit. In cooperation, they offer Indian and Continental cuisines prepared by great cooks.  A bar called Madira offers world-class cocktails to cherish your spirits. On top of, precisely crafted journeys and adept guides certify that you realize spot-on colors of the kaleidoscope – South India. Discover the grace, royals, and splendor in five-star lavishness on board!

Golden Chariot

6. Fairy queen express

This train offers you a chance to breathe a kingly life! The ride will introduce you to an opportunity of traveling through diverse places of curiosity. While roving, you can live the life, values, and thoughts of the opulent and grand. Isn’t that like having your cake and eating it too? Truly, it is! Moving to the facilities, the interiors are all created in a similar majestic, imperial style of citadels.

You can witness the prodigious consideration given to each point. In like manner, everything is improved on a very outsized gauge. The ambiance, the attitude, celebrations, and amenities are all intended to give you a taste of the riches of MAHARAJAS. Power-driven by the first-born and still serving steam locomotive put up in about 1855, Fairy Queen devours its own appeal. It strolls through Alwar in Rajasthan. With a reference in the Guinness Book of World Records and a receiver of National Tourism Award, it simply makes it to the array of most luxurious trains in India.

7. Royal Orient Train

The idea of the Royal Orient Train lures motivation from the magnificent periods. That kingly epoch luxury train possesses all the majestic indulgence and luxury you can visualize. To boot, the blend of technology and contemporary sophistication have turned it into an actual cocoon of coziness. So now, you can adore the splendor of the trip and treasure the majesty of the journey’s end.

While the train staff bears all tourism-related uncertainties and annoyances, the route of The Royal Orient Train is stated below:

Royal Orient Train


• Delhi – Chittorgarh

• Udaipur –Junagarh

• Veraval- Sasan Gir

• Dilwara – Palitana- Sarkhej- Ahmedabad- Jaipur- Delhi

The train has more than a few stoppages on the way. This way they promise you to offer you a sight of India’s most gorgeous tourist endpoints. In conjunction with this, they provide you with a prospect to live like a royal for some days. Great amenities and services are available to make your vacation comfy, stately, and gratifying. From regal lodging to restaurants, bars, salons, and shopping galleries, The Royal Orient Train has a lot to offer!

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