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Cherai Beach – The Golden Jewel of Kochi city3 min read

October 28, 2020 3 min read


Cherai Beach – The Golden Jewel of Kochi city3 min read

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Beaches in Kerala

God has blessed Kerala with so many scenic beauties, and Cherai is definitely one of them. It will be unjustified if we end the sentence here without describing the mysterious nature of Cherai. But that is not all. Cherai demands a significant place in Kochi taluk. And Cherai beach is one of the best places for visitors to enjoy the holidays and honeymoon.

A well-connected city with Kochi, lots of people live here too. Not only that, it has importance in history too with the birthplace of two imminent political leaders in Modern Kerala.

Putting culture and modernism in one shoe, Cherai welcomes heartily all individuals who visit the city of Kochi. The city breathes life and vitality into all who settle here and make them crave for a long ride.

Cherai Beach

Places to visit in Cherai

‘The Princess of Arabian sea.’ With a gown of the Golden sand beach and a crown of the alluring blue sky has made Cherai the princess of not the only Arabian Sea, but also of Kerala. A small and compact place, yet Cherai will tempt you with its beautiful nature and beautiful culture. And if you are planning to visit her castle, let’s take a short visit virtually.

Cherai Beach- The Golden Jewel of Kochi city

The 400m long beach has pleasant weather that allows you to take a break from your stressful life under the shadow of umbrellas. With coconut water to cool down your mind, this beach is a fun place too with Children Park, which is safe for ages. Surely the beach is the most attractive tourist spot in Cherai.

The Backwaters

Kerala is famous for its backwaters. And the heart of Cherai lives in the midst of lakes, canals, and lagoons. The sparkling placid water of Periyar creates the perfect harmony of nature, and apparently, you will never forget the experience of backwater there.

Breakwater point

Another place to visit, the breakwater point. It is the point where the Periyar River joins with the Arabian Sea. This place is famous for its fantastic sunset view.

Varaha temple

Now let’s get out of the water! Varaha temple is one of the attractive places for tourists, especially for religious ones. With a little touch of history, this place is well known for its wood carvings and silver Palace.

Gowreeswara Temple

Another temple on the list! Built-in 1912, it is a temple of Muruga, the God of War. This place is famous for its Elephant March.

Juma Majid

A holy place for Muslims, Juma Masjid is an important tourist place in Cherai. The origin of this place is unknown; however, it was reconstructed in 1869.

  • Portuguese Fort– As a touch of colonial rules, the Portuguese fort stands for the Cherai history. Built-in 1503, it is regarded as the oldest European monument in India.

Best time to visit Cherai

You can always visit Cherai but the best time to visit is from October to April. Though you can visit Cherai throughout the year, but visiting in monsoons can ruin your fun, so visit the place during September and May.

Cherai is covered with different layers and has become a multipurpose city that is developing with time. Politics, nature, and culture, have given Cherai a beautiful shape like nothing else. Cherai can be expensive as well as the cheapest place too. It is a modern, vibrant place with a mixture of modern and culture.

Basically, if you are a photographer or a nature lover or a general people craving to bring peace back in life, Cherai can be proved to be the ideal place. So don’t waste much of your thoughts and book the tickets now! Happy traveling, folk!

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