Best Ayurvedic Resorts in India

Best Ayurvedic Resorts in India

Ayurveda is the harmony of body, mind and soul

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means science or knowledge of life, a term inherited from the ancient Vedic rishis who were men and women who reached self-knowledge several thousand years ago through meditation and other practices designed to balance the mind and spirit, and above all, to integrate the individual nature with nature itself in different planes of existence


Ayurveda differs from conventional medicine that we know in the West because it addresses health from a holistic, comprehensive, personalized, spiritual and philosophical view, not from a molecular, mechanistic, scientific or fragmented one. It is what we live in our industrialized and supposedly advanced civilization.

In this day and age with almost all of us leading stressful and busy lives, Ayurvedic trips are becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are considering it to spend a few days or weeks totally relaxed to once again, feel rejuvenated and recharged for their daily schedule.

Ayurveda is the harmony of body, mind and soul

Ayurveda evolved around 600 BC in India. This new system of medicine emphasized the prevention of bodily ailments, in addition to curing them. Followed by Dravidians and Aryans in the same way, Ayurveda has been practiced ever since. Ayurveda does not believe in treating the affected part only but rather considers the individual as a whole. Doing it naturally to revitalize it, eliminate all the toxic imbalances of the body and thus, regain endurance and good health.

Kerala is the land of authentic Ayurveda

The equable climate of Kerala, the natural abundance of forests (with a wealth of herbs and medicinal plants), and the cool season (June to July and October to November) of the monsoon are the best times for healing and restorative packages of Ayurveda.

In fact, today, Kerala is the only state in India that practices this system of medicine with absolute dedication.

The monsoon – an ideal time for rejuvenation

Traditional texts indicate that the monsoon is the best season for the rejuvenation program. The atmosphere remains free of dust and fresh, opening the body's pores to the maximum, making it more receptive to therapy and herbal oils.

Here are some of the best Ayurvedic Resorts in India that you should definitely visit this monsoon season for a revitalized mind and body:

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Resort in Kerala

This is the world’s first Ayurvedic resort that is situated just a few kilometers south of the Kovalam Beach. It is nestled amidst green lush surroundings away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city life. It is an Ayurvedic haven for people looking to spend a few days in the midst of nature.

Treatments of acute health conditions like arthritis and high cholesterol are done through holistic approaches and a strict diet regimen. Different kinds of massages are done to treat health issues like obesity, skin disorders and diabetes.

Ananda in The Himalayas in Uttarakhand

The Ayurvedic journey at this popular destination is as blissful as the name suggests. Ananda is located in the wide expanse of The Himalayas amidst huge mountain peaks and serene surroundings. It is a holistic center for Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.

A view of the Ganges to wake up to every morning with the sounds of the birds chirping and as fresh an air as you will ever experience. Himalayan tea, immense panorama, slow and synchronized therapeutic massages and physicians and dieticians for a strict dietary regimen are just some of the features of this resort. The Kama Suite is another highlight of this nature center.

Devaaya in Goa

Goa is a party destination but it is also true that Goa boasts of some of the best Ayurvedic resorts India. Devaaya is one such Ayurveda and Nature Cure Center that promotes a holistic way of living. It is all about Naturopathy and letting nature to do its job in healing and treating the body, mind, and the soul.

This particular destination brings all the elements of the Ayurveda together at one particular place like yoga, meditation, naturopathy, Ayurvedic treatments, massages, diet regimens, lifestyle corrections, music, and much more. Vastu Shastra is the highlight of this place with its rejuvenation therapies.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village in Kerala

This Ayurvedic resort has all the stupendous views of the Western Ghats with its center spread across miles of lush greenery amidst the lap of nature. It offers a wide range of therapeutic massages and spa treatments aiming at a holistic approach to treating your body, mind, and soul and make you rejuvenated and revived to go on with your stressful day to day life.

However, the tradition of Ayurveda has not been completely adopted by the Indians as it has by the Western culture; this resort is loved for its traditional healing and alternative treatments instead of allopathy. It is predominantly a healing center for women in the heart of Kerala.

The Leela in Udaipur

Udaipur is rightly known as the city of palaces and lakes and The Leela is one such spa and Ayurvedic resort that is nestled amidst nature and everything that it has to offer. 5-star treatments are available here on a lush and sophisticated property. It is opulence and royalty at its best here and one can spend a couple of very peaceful days being pampered to the fullest.

It has an amazing array of Ayurvedic treatments to soothe the mind and the body and myriad wellness treatments added to the peaceful surroundings make this resort ideal for people looking to idle away their days in stress-free surroundings.

Ayuryogashram in Kerala

This resort is nestled in the village of Palakkad in Kerala and some of the biggest health and holistic resorts are present in this region. This Ashram is seated in the lap of nature and focuses mainly on Ayurvedic treatments.

The main objective of this holistic center is to cure acute diseases effectively and only through the use of traditional Ayurvedic practices like steam baths, meditation, yoga, massages and simple food and rejuvenation.

Bay Leaf Ayurveda Spa Resort in  Andhra Pradesh

This resort is situated in Vishakhapatnam and is one of the most leading and popular resorts not only in that region but throughout India. This is an ideal resort for the purposes of relaxation and rejuvenation in Andhra Pradesh.

Services like full body oil massage, dry massages for a proper blood circulation within the body, head massages, treatments and massages for insomnia and oil treatments to remove toxins and aid in better sleeping methods are just a few things that are loved about this Ayurvedic destination. This place needs at least a weekend’s worth of stay for a revitalizing and a profound experience.

Ayurvedagram in Karnataka

This is the most acknowledged and popular resort in Bengaluru. It is a haven and a retreat that offers holistic approaches to treating acute skin and body disorders like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, infertility, pains, and depression etc.

The highlights of this resort and Ayurvedic destination are scheduled morning walks, group meditations, yoga sessions and simplistic but delicious food typical of the region of Bengaluru.

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