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How to Book a TreeHouse in Kerala5 min read

October 27, 2020 4 min read


How to Book a TreeHouse in Kerala5 min read

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Enjoy the treehouse of your choice! Book a Treehouse in Kerala

Treehouse is one of the exclusive ideas formed for tourists who are visiting Kerala to acquire something special. If correctly chosen, life in a treehouse becomes an unforgettable moment travelers can get during their journey to Kerala. The treehouse is akin to a house, which is built upon a tree with roofs, walls, windows, and all other fundamental amenities, which can be used as a short-term shelter for leisure.

The treehouse concept is the result of the tribes in Kerala who lived in the forest and mountains. They built the earlier versions of treehouses called ‘Erumadam’ for protecting them from the attack of wild animals. In the past days, Kerala was enclosed by green dense forests, which were the part of the Western Ghats that contains thick forests and mountains.

The majority of the agricultural land was of peasants who located near the Western Ghats. As their homes are far away from their cultivation land, they must have to stay in the vicinity of the agricultural land to look after and protect their crops. These farmers who reside near to the woods also have a chance to encounter the attack from elephants and other wild animals.

In order to protect themselves, they used to make their impermanent shelters on large trees and used to mount on the huts by rope ladder. After they get into the shed, they used to fold the rope ladder so that they are safe to some extent.

There are several damaged or unemployed huts on the tree tops that are still accessible in nearby forests as well as there are a couple of huts now used by the forest department of Kerala on the way to Agastyaakoodam, near Thiruvananthapuram. At present, the Tree Houses are used for leisure purpose for the arriving tourists in Kerala.

How to Book a Treehouse in Kerala

I have described below in 5 points, how you can book a treehouse easily.

How to Book a TreeHouse in Kerala

1. Tree Houses in Kerala

Treehouses are a rapidly growing trend that allows anyone to get away from the mundane with a new outlook on nature. Tree Houses in Kerala are erected, owned, and maintained by resorts situated in Munnar, Thekkady, and Wayanad, etc. As it is the part of a particular resort, the tourists have plenty of options to experience the tree house while living in resorts.

Since treehouses are part of the particular resorts, it does not mean that all the resorts in Kerala have Treehouse. There are only a small number of resorts that have fine trees existing around their premises. Only they can make this facility.

The altitude of the Tree House from the ground level maybe 10 meters to 50 meters and it varies from each treehouse. The great experience based upon the height of the Tree House from the ground level, the sight available, etc. There will be steps, a ladder, or an appropriate way available to reach the Treehouse from the ground.

Since this treehouse experience is exceptional and unforgettable, some of the resorts have built their Tree House on an artificial steel pole vertical from the ground level. This kind of artificial Tree Houses will definitely not a good choice to experience and one will not get the special experience from these artificial treehouses

Almost all the treehouses of Kerala are located in the midst of tropical rain forests and tea and spice plantations. With this, tourists in the tree houses obtain to enjoy the proper beauty of nature from their balconies. Also, they get to discover the rich vegetation and species of the region.

2.  Amenities in Tree House

The majority of the Tree Houses are equipped with a master bedroom, attached western style toilet with hot water, balcony, a mosquito net, coffee or tea maker, etc. In some places, air-conditioning may be available. Mostly, an air conditioner is not available in the treehouse. As the Tree House is inside the premises of a resort, one can expect extra facilities like room service, doctor on call, etc. It is always recommended to ensure the services of a tree house before booking the same.

3.  Rules to be followed

Even though the treehouse provides the same home feeling,  you have to strictly follow the instructions given by them. It may be varying from one place to another; however, some common instructions should keep in mind. Firstly, no food is permitted inside of treehouse. Since it is located in a tropical forest, frequent maintenance is sometimes difficult.

Then only one couple is allowed inside the treehouse, and no guests are permitted. Consumption of liquor and smoking is strictly prohibited. Children above 12 years are allowed in this type otherwise you have to book family tree houses. Above all these, your health should be acclimatizing with this location.

4. Best time to reside in the Tree House

A treehouse dwelling is highly suggested round the year in Kerala excluding monsoon seasons. Monsoon begins in Kerala from June to August. One can expect to pour during July. Better avoid a tree house stay during these times since entering treehouse is difficult.

5. Essential tips for booking a Tree House

Before booking a treehouse, there are some important things you must check. First of all, ensure that it is an authentic treehouse and not a fake one. For this, check by which resort it is being functioned and read reviews available. Next is the spot of Tree House and whether it has a fine surrounding view. Facilities available in the Tree House are another factor you should get to know with.  Because some may not provide the necessities you want. The height of the Tree House and the way to reach there is important. As it is located in heights, staying with small children is not encouraged.

As the treehouse is located in a tropical forest area, always expect insects, night flies, etc. In most cases, an additional bed or mattress cannot be placed in the treehouse and those who have problems with step climbing try to avoid treehouse stay. To make it a more terrific experience, check-in the treehouse during the daytime and avoid after dark.

Every tourist should get good hospitality and their satisfaction is the core aim of all tour operators. For your fulfillment of a perfect journey, book a treehouse with Iris Holidays and contact us for the betterment of experience and customer service.  We can help you find a suitable tourist spot for you and ensure your safety and happiness. Book your travel with Iris Holidays. Experience the best.

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