Tall trees resort Munnar

Nestled away under sixty-six genial tall trees is a resort that pops right out of your most vivid fantasies. The tall tree resort, located in the kernels of the Western Ghats, cocooned by a mellow mist, offers a perfect retreat for those who simply wish to lay back and let nature cradle you to sleep under its mighty boughs. With extensive research and expertise, Tall trees resort offers the best of hospitality with a genuine sense of warmth that cannot be mimicked. The entire resort is housed in harmony with the lush and ever-vibrant Shola wilderness. The painstaking blend of nature and culture has been pulled off with utmost grace and perfection, as each structure is ensured to be unobtrusive for the trees and the fauna.

Accommodation at Tall trees resort, Munnar

All the cottages of the resort are constructed aesthetically with ample distance that separates one cottage from the other; independent in all sense. Privacy is of top priority when it comes to the interests of guests.

There are four types of cottages that range from the Cinnamon cottage, which, like the spice itself, encompasses a delightful essence within it. With ceilings sprawled with dashing woodworks and a romantic private balcony under tall canopies, the Saffron suite is best suited for honeymooners while the saffron grand offers a more formal setting for the same facilities, and the mint villa epitomizes the word ‘comfort’ in nothing short of a luxury house in the midst of mist and greenery.

All the cottages are designed to be completely in-tune with nature outside, while equipped with all modern amenities that you could think of, ranging from facilities such as free Wi-Fi, and doctor-on-call, to the slippers in front of your private bathroom with a view.

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    What We Love

    • Designed for everyone with the largest and minutest attention to detail, the resort management has thought of everything that offers a true sense of independence, leaving you and your company with nature in all its entirety.
    • Carefully curated, the nature trek through parts of Shola is something that creates new vistas for green in one’s mind. The resort encompasses coffee and spice plantations, with aromatic walkways and the prospect of discovering how coffee is brewed and how cardamom is plucked off a plant. These spices and other endemic and exotic flavours find their way into the resorts own ‘Hill Spice restaurant’.
    • A glass enclosure under the starry nights, radiant lights, and warm, delicious food; the enchantingly cold Munnar reveals itself as you dine in opulence. With all the glory of the indigenous spicy Kerala dishes, the stimulating flavours of North Indian food and the subtle richness of continental delicacies, Hill spice, true to its name, adds the spice in your stay at Tall trees.
    • On the terrain of rolling hills, Café Elaichi is located a tad above the Hill Spice restaurant, with an abundant view of the tall trees and their towering canopies above you. The café serves the best of baked delights and confectionaries by the side of your steaming cup of aromatic coffee.

    What To Know

    • Tall trees resort holds myriad possibilities to travellers of all kinds, whose expectations of a retreat varies. Set in close proximity to nature parks such as Sholayar and Anamudi, sighting wildlife becomes exceedingly pleasant and enjoyable.
    • The resort’s recreational centre offers indoor and outdoor games for children and fitness centre for adults along with several activities within the property such as dance and arts performances and campfires into the night.
    • For an altogether holistic experience, visit the resort’s Ayurveda spa that specializes in the ancient and purely traditional forms of Ayurveda treatments that are performed solely by highly skilled and experienced professionals. With treatments such as Sirovasthi and Kativasthi which are rarely practiced in hustles of the modern world that requires quick means of treatment at the cost of efficiency, the Ayurveda indulgence at Tall trees resort is sure to leave you radiant with an overall sense of wellness and peace.  
    • Clubbing the warmth of tall trees with the cold climate, the endless abundance of trails through emerald tea plantations and a with a genuinely satiating sense of seclusion, complete with candlelight dinners, an assortment of homemade chocolates, and complementary cuisines of your choice, the resort offers three packages which are tastefully crafted especially for honeymooners who’d enjoy an ecstatic getaway to kick-start and kindle their relationships.
    • In short, Tall Tree resort creates a world of its own for its visitors who’d want to break away the strings of monotony and experience Munnar like never before.


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    • Garden
    • Games Room
    • Free WiFi
    • 24 Hour Front Desk
    • Laundry

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