Poovar - A natural marvel where the lake, river, sea and beach meet the land. Eyeing to stopover a beach destination? You would love to devote a week dozing in – Poovar. Situated just 40 km from Trivandrum, Poovar is a spectacular and terrific beach that can be regarded a beach lover’s heaven! An unexplored and uncharted land, swathed by the tranquil backwaters! The plot undoes out to the sea and a reverie golden sand beach. The bygone importance of Poovar has its durable links with the mythological Rajah of the erstwhile Princely State of Travancore.

Talking about its sight-seeing options, Poovar is really a window into heaven. So, what all it hugs in its utter beauty? Well, you can understand this from the fact that - Time paused a few decades back adoring the absolute beauty of Poovar.

  • The serenity of Poovar is interspersed by the sound of seas and the birds. The zone is copious in fresh-looking native flora, with hundreds sorts of spices, colorful florae, complete with banana and coconut plantations.
  • On top of, you can stopover at centuries old martial arts town. Kerala is the origin of an exclusive martial art form. The traditional standard of living here offers the experience of a natural arts center.
  • Because of the lively fishing populace, the beach is not actually used as a basking spot or for swaying as the tides are quite strong.
  • The coconut trees pushed out caress the waters here and there, as you cruise along the sea-shore.
  • Spot the twofold horizons - one unraveling the blue from the ocean, the other – a sandy beach untying the ocean from the backwaters.
  • The estuary here bonds to the marine during high tides. Just look at the gigantic span of waters called sea, river, backwaters and estuary here. You would spectacle if there is anything so modest and yet so striking in life! This is perhaps what the world call bliss!

Love solitude? Let Poovar beach allure you with its unspoiled and virginal beauty! Impressively stunning, Poovar will leave no stone unturned to cast an enchanted spell of its splendor on you. What season would certainly be best to capture its divinity? Take a look:

Considering the weather here all the year round, I would suggest you visit the place between Augusts to March. Why? With pleasing tropical climatic conditions, Poovar deals with slightly warm summers. The winters at the place are moderately serener and satisfying. Mild sunset breeze is an additional gratuity for you if travelling in midwinters. Monsoon season collects heavy shower but revives every nook and corner of the settlement. Take a drive to the core of bucolic India! If your holiday time to this captivating place is just a single day, even then you are in for a syrupy indulgence.


Poovar is an isle with sun-soaked shorelines and panoramic landscapes wherever you gaze. With commutation in form of water taxis, it is very cool to visit the adjacent towns like the fishing village. A slight flurry here and there and a small number of shops will convert a drowsy village into a marketplace. Beach happenings and water sports are not developed here because of the fishing inhabitants. Poovar Beach and Kovalam Beach are the major magnetism of the place. You need not concern about food; you can have it almost anyplace with sundry bistro choices accessible in the town. When all is said and done, I would say, have a cheerful time exploring!!

What We Love?
  • Are you a selfie buff? If yes, then this beach offers some splendid land and water shots. So, just get ready for a perfect blast of beachy fun!
  • The place is great to spot birds in their natural haunt. Just have a sluggish jaunt in those passive backwaters! In addition, relieve your stress like no spa ever can!
  • What’s more to relish? FOOD of course! You can stop at a floating eatery for the freshest sea food dines imaginable. Poovar being a fishing center deals with some of the most delightful fish servings you ever savored. You will find a generous use of coconut in the cuisines quite invigorating.
  • Looking for variety? Why not? After all, variety is the spice of life! Therefore, the good news is the town houses quite a few multi-cuisine bistros and road-side hovels serving native, North Indian, Chinese and Tamil cuisine. Bon appetite!

What To Know?
  • Speaking of the accommodation and traveling options available, it lines from reasonable and economical hotels to luxury resorts. All of them offer all kind of extravagance and comforts possible. Moreover, you get numerous options to move around this attractive scenic town. Water taxis are obtainable as per your suitability.
  • Have you ever fantasized about living on the water? Well, Poovar can give you just what you have fancied of! A floating resort has cottages fenced by water on all the three flanks. Envision being pacified to doze by the mild plopping of sea waves. Imagine awakening up to picturesque little boats and sapphire sea water. Enchanting! Isn’t it?
  • The place owns a brilliant history as well. Raja Marthanda Varma was born when the regal power of his kinfolk was deteriorating. In fact, he was once removed from his authority and made to expatriate. Nevertheless, he not only recouped his gone land but also enflamed his territory. The triumph story of the Maharaja had close relations with Poovar.

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