What we love about Cherai!

Well, that is a pretty tough question because I don’t know what to hate about a beautiful place like Cherai. From a warm beach to relax to experience the religious ruins from the past, Cherai is a must visit place on every traveller's list.

A perfect stressbuster getaway- A calm place like Cherai is perfect for having an escaped excursion from your stressed daily life. With the sounds of waves to calm your heart and historical elephant march to fill your mind, Cherai will tempt you to escape more and more from you daily life.

Best place for Nature lovers- Cherai is a perfect place for photographers, nature lovers and history lovers. From the beach to backwater, temples to Forts, it has different tales to tell you with each frame.

Amazing food and hotels- You’ll get everything in Cherai. Be it awesome food or hotels and resorts to stay, Cherai has it all. This place will make sure that you have an amazing time at Cherai.

So, do not miss out Cherai and I can tell you will not be disappointed at all! 

What to know about Cherai

Cherai is an attractive place, no doubt! But there're lots of things you may not fully know about Cherai. Let’s have a look.

·         Cherai is a region in Kochi taluk, a suburb of Kochi City, in the State of Kerala. It is 25 km away from the High Court Junction, Kochi.

·         It is blessed with the longest beach in Kerala. The beach is located towards the centre of Vypin Island.

·         The beach of Cherai is 10 km long, and Dolphins can be seen here occasionally. It has contributed a lot in Modern politics of Kerala by being a birthplace of two politicians– Mathai Manjooran and Sahodaran Ayyappan.


·         The festival in Gowreeswara Temple is the biggest festival in Kerala accompanied by the Elephant March. It is something that you should not miss in Cherai. 

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