Best places to visit in Bekal

Bekal Fort- This fort is 300 years old and is the most preserved and largest fort in Kerala. Located near the beautiful beach, this fort offers a piquant view of the Arabian Sea from the top of the tower, which was used to place the canons. 

Bekal Fort Beach- You will be surprised to know this, but Bekal Fort Beach is the most well maintained beaches in India. Expanded in the huge area of 35 acres, you will love the exotic feel of white sand and lush green surroundings here. 

Kappil Beach- Located at a distance of 6 km from Bekal Fort, Kappil Beach is a perfect place to spend some time in the lap of nature. Far from the hustle and bustle of town, spending time on this beach will help you relax your mind and soul. 

Hosdurg Beach- The crystal clear water, sight of palm trees and nesting turtle is what you can experience at this beach. Hosdurg beach can be your perfect family getaway too. 

Chandragiri Fort - Expanded in the area of 7acres; this fort was built in the 17th century and is located on the side of the river Payaswini. 

Malik Deena Mosque - This is a holy pilgrimage place for Muslims built in a Malabar style by Malik Ibn Deenar. To experience its true charm, one can visit this divine place during Uroos festival. 

Valiyaparamba Backwaters- This is a place that you cannot afford miss to visit in Bekal. Beautiful surrounding, groves of Coconut trees, and backwaters is a delight to see. It is also a major fishing area in the region. 

Nityanandashram Caves- Unlike other caves in India, Nityanandashram Caves are a set of 45 caves and is a home to panchaloha sculpture of Swami Nityananda and is the most visited tourist attractions in Bekal. 


What we love about Bekal

The best thing about Bekal is that it will surprise you every day with its beautiful nature and its surroundings. No matter how much you see and experience in Bekal, it is never enough. This place makes it visitor crave for more and offers a lot to its visitors at the same time.  

Illuminated beaches- The best thing about Bekal is its well illuminated beaches that allows tourist to spend time by the side of serene beaches in the evening time too. 

Plenty of options to stay- From hotels to resort and Homestays, you will get many options to choose from for stay. These hotels are well furnished and provide all the amenities that you need for a comfortable stay. There are also many luxurious and five star hotels available in Bekal. 

Eateries and Restaurants- Bekal is a place where you get the most delicious and authentic South Indian food. You’ll love the food and the services at Bekal. Must try the exotic seafood and of course the most refreshing Coconut water. 

Good Connectivity- Bekal is well connected to its nearest railway station- Kasaragod and nearest airport-Mangalore by road, located at a distance of 50 km from Kasaragod town. 


What to know about Bekal

Bekal has so many interesting things to entertain its tourist that include its rich culture, heritage and festivals. Let’s take a look at some of the exciting things about Bekal- 

A place of seven languages- Yeah, that’s rare for any place. But it is true that Bekal is a place with seven languages. Malayalam is the main language here, but other than that, people speak Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Kannada, Tulu, and Beary Bashe. 

A place with rich Culture and Tradition- This is one such place that practices its culture and tradition passionately. But not just that, one can experience the perfect blend of modernity and culture by visiting Bekal. 

Art forms and festivals- The art forms, festivals and tradition of Bekal are what inspire people who lives and visits here and fills their life with colors, meaning and enthusiasm. 


Best Time to Visit Bekal

Monsoon starts in Bekal from the month of June to September that brings heavy rainfall in the region. So it is advisable to not visit this place in Monsoon as you might face some challenges at this time. Plan your trip in summer or winter as sightseeing will become easy at this time. If you are planning a trip in summer, you can visit anytime between the months of March and May. In winters, you can visit during the month of December to February.

The simple and uncomplicated life of Bekal is something that you should definitely experience once in your lifetime. The most fascinating thing about Bekal is that it welcomes its visitors with warmth and affection. The exotic view of lush green hills, flora and fauna, beaches, sunset and tranquility of this place will take you in a whole new world. You will bring the most amazing memories home.  This place will leave you spellbound with its plethora of picturesque views that are hard to find elsewhere. So plan your trip to Kerala’s one of the most amazing towns, Bekal that will change your perspective about nature as well as life. 






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