Ashtamudi is a place for every individual. It has inspired poets, kings, photographers and environmentalists for ages. It is a gateway to the calm and diverse backwaters of Kerala. It is a historical place where people preserve and respect their heritage. Backwater resorts and houseboat provides a perfect way to relax. However during recent times lake has suffered a lot due to pollution and mineral extraction. Therefore efforts are in full swing to maintain the integrity and diversity of the ecosystem. Ramsar convention is one such initiative. With continued effort and people support Asthamudi lake would continue to be a place of recreation and inspiration.


Kollam is a pleasurable place to visit throughout the year.  Temperature in this area fluctuates between 25.5 °C and 27.5 °C. Humidity is very high during April-May. Weather during December and January is relatively cool. Major festivals are celebrated during the months of April to November.  Therefore April to November is considered as the best time to visit Ashtamudi and to celebrate the moments with enchanting waters of Ashtamudi. Monsoon season extends from June to September. A visit during monsoon can provide an opportunity to witness a rare post monsoon marine phenomenon known as “Chakkara” due increase in backwater levels.




What We Love?
  • Boat ride between Kollam and Alappuzha – The district tourism promotion council (DTPC) organizes boat rides for tourists between two backwater port towns. This is an ultimate experience to explore the water bound villages and coconut trees. This is an 8 hour long journey; despite this you remain fresh and energetic. Sun passes its scarlet glow to the calm waters of Ashtamudi lake.
  • Lake islands – A group of eight islands named as Munroe Island is present at the confluence of Ashtamudi lake and the Kallada river. These islands are rich in biodiversity. They are the homes of mangroves, coconut plants and several avian species. Dutch built and one of the oldest churches in Kerala “Red Brick Church” is present here.
  • Kottamkulangara Chamaya Vilakku – This is a very unique festival celebrated in Kollam district in the month of May. Men dress as women and worship goddess Bhagavathy and seek her blessings.
  • Kollam Beach – Kollam beach is famous for its Chinese products and golden sand. It is a popular picnic spot.

What To Know?
  • Thekkumbhagom island – This is the name of a tiny lush green island village in the lake Ashtamudi. This village has a historical significance for being the birthplace of Malayalam poetry.  Ramachandravilasam, an epic poetry book was written by the poet Azhakath Padmanabha Kurup in this village. This village also has a 1000 years old temple and 4000 years old church. So owing to a major historical significance Thekkumbhagom is a must visit place.
  • Recognition for sustainable calm fishing – Ashtamudi is a world famous wetland site. Clam Governing Council of Ashtamudi lake in Kerala was the first Marine Stewardship Council-certified fishery in India. It began in year 1981. Clam fishery was third in Asia to receive this honor.
  • President trophy boat race – This is an annual battle of supremacy over waterways. Annual boat race is organized on 1st November. While planning a trip to Ashtamudi, do remember this date.

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