Vythiri Resort Tree House Wayanad

Nestled in the slant of a jungle-clad hill, besides three branches of an active mountain watercourse that splits as it gushes through the 150-acre belongings, Vythiri Resort is a wonderful jungle secrete and a naturalist's treasure storeroom. Enveloped in the fascination of a humid rainforest, beneath a vast entwined canopy created by royal trees, stone tiled trail fringed by tropical plants, the resort situated as if ingesting the jade of the forest. Built with wooden beams on the top and floorboard flooring, furnished in timber and fabrics in a palette of earth colors - the housing is spacious, set with the position of the art in vestibules and verandas that look out at marvelous views of the forest - a warm experience of the adjacent highlights and noises. Accessible in configurations that range from supercilious tree houses situated above the gigantic canopy higher up the slope of the hill and more down, cottages on sides overlooking the brook, some set with Jacuzzis, others with separate pools and an array of suites, they are all without exclusion, stylish and elite.

A hanging bridge, which sways gently, across one branch of the rivulet leads to an eatery and a coffee shop next to, both are, bows their head down as if looking at the swimming pool at one end and an extensive view of the woodland all around. Ubiquitously, the muted murmur of the stream is a constant serenade.  The first light usually arrives with the exciting melody of a Malabar Whistling Thrush and then the forest comes energetic. The group of fauna begins their living songs. The day ahead is ready with possibility-fabulous plumed tropical birds on hanging branches, bright butterflies and the continuous chatter of cricket, the tempting entices of the jungle - the nonstop throb of nature is the only timepiece you will need here. Allow yourself to be spell bounded by swear of discovery, ecstasy, and excitement - body, mind, and soul.

Tree House at Vythiri Resort, Wayanad

Consist of five tree houses, including one special kid’s friendly tree house, set lofty above the green canopy of the rainforest. The old-fashioned thatch roofs and bamboo walls built by members of native tribes with locally founded materials contain all household comforts and are designed to make use of natural spring water that flows down from the environment hills and uses solar power as a power source. This suite is perfect for couples and for small families.

Due to logistical restrictions, guests will be allowed to carry only a limited amount of baggage to the tree house because, in an emergency, light bags will let you shift faster to safer 50 - 60 ft up to your lodging. Please relocate personal items that are completely necessary for the duration of your stay into a small bag to take with you. The remaining of your belongings will be kept safe at the reception and handed over on your checking out from the tree house.

While staying here, you have to follow some instructions given by the resort. The food is not served in the tree house.  The three types of tree house; Luxury, Standard, and Family are different in altitude. The Luxury Tree House erected at a height of 80 ft. above the ground, whereas the Standard Tree house positioned at a height of 40 to 60 ft. above the ground. The Family Tree House situated at a height of 35 ft. above the ground, which is close to the Cottages and Restaurant.

The tree houses are way in using a special single stairway or hang bridge.  Only couples in a strong state of health are recommended to dwell in the tree houses. Use of alcohol and smoking in the tree houses are strictly banned. Try to save electricity with the smallest utilization. Guests are not permitted into the tree houses.  Special jeeps are offered for visitors in the tree houses.  Children below 12 years are recommended to stay in Family Tree House.

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    What We Love

    • Yoga and Meditation are offered for visitors to restore their lost charming of the souls and body.  Through massage and Kizhi, you can experience the transformation in your body after an effective massage.
    • Guests may hike to the tropical rainforests adjoining the resort: This two-hour guided mountaineering is performed by the in-house naturalist of the resort. Visitors could perhaps spot the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Nilgiri Langur, and Yellow Browed Bulbul in addition to the myriad of other types widespread to the Western Ghats and a marvelous array of butterflies.
    • Travelers can stroll to a waterfall enjoying the rhythm of falling water next to the place, and relaxed cycling in the resort and the close jungle as well.
    • Cooking demonstration is conducted for visitors to get familiarize with various local cuisine and fresh tastes. 

    What To Know

    • Wayanad is the place of natural beauty in Kerala and if you are visiting Wayanad, then you have a plenty of tourist spots to explore. This land bestows infinite places to get away from the city life packed with skyscrapers.  
    • The amazing Chembra Peak is situating in the southern part of Wayanad and is the tallest peak in the area. Hiking this peak is a demanding climbing effort and would take a full day. The adjacent areas offer excellent photo chances. Camping on the summit is a treasured experience.
    • 9km away you can witness a chain hangs from a Banyan tree to spot the scene where a British Colonialist killed an Adivasi tribesman. Edakkal Caves is located 53 km from the resort in 1000mts altitude; this prehistoric natural cave displays ancient paintings, carvings, and inscriptions from the stone ages.
    • Measured to be the second major earth dam in Asia, the Banasura plan area is a supreme outset for treks to the Banasura Mountain. An attractive feature is a set of islands that were shaped when the reservoir under watered the neighboring areas. Speed boating service is offered in this place.
    • The temple pays attention to the prayers of the stunning Papanasini River. People are coming here to eliminate their sins by immersing themselves here in the water, according to a belief.


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