Uday Suites

Uday Suites is a multi-speciality Luxury hotel that sits in a comfy vantage point at Shankumugham, Thiruvananthapuram. With its proximity to the International Airport, Thiruvanthapuram city, Shankumugham beach, sanctuaries and hospitals, Uday suites bring convenience right to your footstep.

Accommodation at Uday Suites:

  • Uday Suites lodges a total of 45 rooms over three stories. The hotel has 33 Exotica rooms and 12 premium rooms. The entire hotel is arched in such a way that all the rooms have balconies that face its magnificent pool. Meticulous care has been taken while designing the room interiors. With furniture and setting forming a soothing colour palette that enhances the sensation of comfort which you feel upon stepping into the room. All the rooms are complete with modern facilities such as mini bars, television, luxurious bath, round-the-clock room servicing, and peace of mind. Spaciously furnished, elegantly lit and brilliantly designed, the grandeur of the room alone would create a decent impression on one’s business clients and partners.

Uday Suites presents everything that any traveller would wish for on his journeys, be it business or leisure. Be it a leisurely stroll in the beach, or a healthy discussion in the conference room with your business clients, Uday Suites has thought of everything and covers all your needs while providing a relaxing abode for you to rest in.

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    What We Love

    • At close proximity, the never-ending tides of Shankumugham beach ebbing its lustrous white sand can be heard from the hotel. Just a quick stroll from your hotel, the majestic beach presents its sunsets in all the beauty and grace that is diminishing out there in the concrete jungles.
    • At Uday Suites, the staffs and authorities try their best to give you such a beginning to your days, by bringing you the prime of hospitality, with rooms suited for those who are inclined to the finer things in life and mouth-watering, fulfilling food varieties.
    • At the multi-cuisine restaurant, take your taste buds for a trip with a taste of some of the best continental and sea food prepared by chefs who are experienced culinary experts.
    • For a gastronomic adventure, try the seafood prepared with a mixture of traditional spices and fresh catch from your very own, backyard beach!
    • At Uday Suites, they will not make you feel at home as they’re too busy making you feel at peace. The sublime silence of the rooms, the wood panelled ceilings of the restaurant and lobby, all add a sense of perfection to the hotel that resonates well with those who appreciate subtlety and minimalism of design.
    • To get the most out of your stay, visit the hotel’s Ayur Ashram that hosts an Ayurveda spa and wellness centre.  Leave it to the hands of the masseurs who are trained in the age-old art of Ayurveda, to relax both the body and the soul. Wake up after a rejuvenating session of massage and holistic therapy. The entire building is made as a separate block from the main building, with an architectural style that is reminiscent of traditional Kerala style of construction. The whole building sends out a vibe of wellness and wonder which when coupled with a session of massage restores the balance that we once lost with nature.

    What To Know

    • Shakumugham is home to the famous statue of Mermaid. 35 metres tall, this sculpture shaped out of concrete by Kanayi Kunhiraman, tells a story of a mermaid who came out of a tainted sea only to discover a far more tainted world. Dejected, she looks at the sun which reminds her of all the pure things that is left in this world. Sunsets are truly pure- for they bring closure to things with the prospect of new beginnings.
    • For those of us who are too lost in the menu to zero in on a food choice, pick all that you want to try out as the restaurant offers a relishing buffet three times a day. Imagine sitting by the poolside, taking a bite out of your big breakfast buffet while watching the air planes take off from the airport, or sipping a piping hot coffee on your balcony or the terrace, in the midst of a rooftop garden full of flowers, as the sunsets and the evening lights slowly fade to darkness.
    • The hotel comprises of a multi-speciality gym, air conditioned and with large windows that brings plenty of sunlight in, equipped with all modern exercise equipment. It was designed with the modern traveller in mind- one who does not wish to take a break from their fitness schedule even when travelling.
    • The hotel is equipped with a theatre-style conference room for business meetings, that has the capacity to host up to 180 people making it ideal for work as well.


    • Fitness Centre
    • Swimming Pool
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Restaurant Buffet
    • Restaurant Carte
    • Tour Desk
    • Currency Exchange
    • 24 Hour Front Desk
    • Laundry
    • Meeting

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