Spice Coast Cruises

The House Boat or Kettuvallam cruise commences either from the Spice Coast boat landing or Coconut Lagoon.

The cruise takes you across lake Vembanad, through narrow canals heading South passing low lying rice
fields, churches temples, schools and a complete life style in a water world. Stop to buy fish or tender coconut,
enjoy delicious food of the boat men or just relax and enjoy the beauty. Boat anchors at sunset to prevent
getting entangled in the fish nets. It’s also a magic moment, rocking gently counting stars and finally to bed
in the middle of no-where.


  • Located at Alleppey, 16.1kms from Nehru Trophy Boat Race Finishing Point, this is the true traditional experience of living in a houseboat, accommodation called Spice Coast Cruises. These are smaller eco-friendly houseboats mainly found in North Alleppey for better navigation and narrower canals.
  • While other operators have bigger, better and luxurious houseboats, Spice Coast Cruises have maintained their ethnic and traditional design comparatively.
  • They give closer view of backwaters to tourists and nature lovers. This joyride is most recommended for having a true Kerala Houseboat experience.
  • For private cars, free parking is also available if required.
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Hotel Options

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    • Personal Concierge

    What We Love

    • A private and personal House Boat all to yourself. With an en suite bedroom, a crew of only 3 members – a cook, a deck hand and a captain one cannot ask for more privacy.
    • Nature beauty is experienced at a maximum level i.e. sunshine and rain simultaneously. Powered by solar energy and runs on vegetable oil, this is a total eco friendly ride.
    • Food prepared and served on board are traditional, lip smacking and utterly delicious. Both Vegetarian & Non-vegetarians are served and are cooked in clay pots. Lots of fresh flavours, tangy spices and many more with minimum fuss.
    • The best part of the journey is no noise and air pollution of diesel generators.

    What To Know

    • All houseboats are for exclusive usage and not shared. The stay in the houseboat starts with lunch, snacks, dinner and ends with breakfast.
    • Houseboats are parked and are stationary from 06:00 in the evening till 08:00 in the morning. Air- Conditioners are operative during this period only, when they are parked.
    • Though rooms are cosy and comfortable but it’s difficult to accommodate an extra bed comfortably. Insects might disturb in the evening but the crew provides with mosquito nets that don’t create so much problem.
    • Alcohols are not included in the package and have to be bought separately by paying extra. The duration of the cruise is 1 night and normally four people can accommodate in a single houseboat.
    • There are no 3G or WIFI available on houseboat.


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