Rainforest Resort Athirapilly

Ever wanted to live in a forest and not in a convenient alternative such as a forest-themed hotel? Imagine waking up in a rainforest, to the sound of one of Asia’s largest waterfalls- the cascading falls of Athirapilly. ‘Rainforest Resort’, situated in Athirapilly offers just this and more, at the heart of Sholayar, in one of Athirapilly’s foothills.

Rooms at Rainforest Resort Athirapilly

  • Tree House: For that ultimate amount of affinity to nature, treat yourself to a stay in the hotel’s most coveted room- the tree house! Shaped like a leaf in its progression up a tree, this Swiss architectural marvel is a state-of-the-art example to show how nature conservation can go hand in hand with development. The tree house allows for the growth of the tree that it is built on, while remaining safe for its inhabitants. With a draw of a curtain, the tree house swings into view, a panoramic offering of the giant waterfall. A bed in a wild rainforest, facing a mighty waterfall, while offering the safety and comfort of the bed in your house – would be a befitting definition for ‘nature’s lap’.
  • Premium Rooms: With an in-room Jacuzzi and a bathtub with a view, the premium rooms offers nothing short of therapy- the design with attention to detail, including the aesthetically crafted furniture, the choice of colour palette and the structure of rooms.
  • Celestial Rooms: But if you truly want to elevate it to the next level, take yourself to the ‘Celestial room’, which, true to its name, offers celestial amounts of comforts that can rarely be found in a hotel room, not considering the magnificent private view of a waterfall and the enthralling proximity to wildlife. With walk-in wardrobes, relaxing foot massages and luxuriantly equipped in all respects, Celestial rooms offer the celestial pleasures of an earthly rainforest.
  • Cottages: If you’re accompanied by a family or a group of friends, the resort offers its cottages to up to five people in a single cottage. Situated with a partial view to the falls and an engulfing forest on all sides, cottages are perfect getaways to dealing with your stress and calming your nerves once in a while.
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    What We Love

    • Beyond flimsy pages of guidebooks and excited clicks to travel blogs, Rainforest resort offers you the pleasures of serenity that cannot truly be defined or encapsulated by words. Preservation and ecological concerns are accounted for in the construction of this peaceful abode, as the founders seem to have found a way to make nature interfere with humans and not the other way around. Be it the infinity water pool of the resort that extends out to a view of the waterfalls while being covered by thick green canopies growing from the hill slopes, or an open lawn under the star-studded sky where you could have a romantic candle-light dinner with, or the rooms and the washrooms that offer the unrestricted glory of Athirapilly waterfalls and a serene view of the lush rainforest, the entire resort strives to focus on privacy – both of the guest and the forest.
    • The entire resort, being nested away in the deep rainforests of Sholayar, doesn’t want to give the impression of a man-made structure that has invaded an otherwise-virgin rainforest ground. Minimalism in design appears at first glance, to be a step in eco-friendly construction. The limited concrete structures of the resort become even more insignificant next to the wild and brief designs of wood panels and furniture that adorn the resort and its rooms.

    What To Know

    • With inbuilt mini-bar, shower rooms with all modern amnesties, the luxury rooms offers the rainforest experience while being a pampered guest living in it. Doctor-on-call facilities are made available along with 24-hour service facility that the resort offers.
    • Opening out into a lawn that offers an unconcealed view of the waterfalls, The Alfresco restaurant in the resort offers the food to satisfy the wildest of your hungers. Chomp down on a few ‘naadan’ (traditional) delicacies that answer the question of ‘why do they call it the land of spices?’, or savour a variety of continental dishes that speak of European flavour perfection. Have your food crafted and delivered by professional culinary experts, and served by the most hospitable staffs.
    • Apart from spending time in the resort that serves as a recluse from the hassles of daily life, Rainforest resort encourages its visitors to get close to the place, and its inhabitants. Guided trips to the waterfall, wildlife exploration trips on vehicles, visit to tribal colonies, fishing in the river etc. are a few outdoor activities offered by the resort.


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