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The tranquil and calm backwaters of Alleppey are famous for houseboat voyage. A cruise in backwaters is pleasurable to experience especially if you are wishing for a leisure trip. The sight of lagoons nestled amidst the verdant greenery and the feel of cool breeze cuddling to relax is amazing to enjoy. One will never feel boring watching the natural beauty of the backwaters endlessly.

Houseboats are designed by using the Kettuvalloms, a gigantic country craft, measuring up to 80 feet in length.  Kettuvalloms once ruled the backwaters as a means of transporting goods. But now, the Kettuvalloms have been replaced as a grand tourist attraction. The modern holiday ideas play a part in converting the old Kettuvalloms to houseboats. With great skills and care, the Kettuvalloms are transformed to houseboats by tying huge planks of jack wood together in different designs. Your wonder may increase knowing that not even a single nail is used for making houseboats!  

When you search for a comfortable and cost-effective houseboat stay in Alleppey, you will sure come across Pickadly Houseboat as the best choice.  Pickadly Houseboat started their voyage in 2006 as a recognized and approved houseboat operator in Alleppey and now Pickadly is a brand Houseboat Company engaged in constructing grand and luxurious houseboats. Pickadly Houseboat offers you a wonderful backwater cruise in the palm-fringed waterways of Alleppey and is one of the most delightful holiday experiences in Kerala. With excellent amenities and amazing hospitality, Pickadly Houseboat is successful in providing a memorable trip for their every guest.

The voyage through the beautiful backwaters of Alleppey in the deluxe Pickadly houseboat is really incredible and can give you wonderful experiences. Kerala can give you outstanding travel experience by just floating in the backwaters in a country craft and absorbing remarkable surroundings. Also, the houseboat cruise will help you to understand the local life of villagers. Once you checked in, you will enter to the world of luxury and amaze. By sitting on the deck, explore the surroundings with your eyes; calm down your mind in the cool breeze and imbibe the beauty of Kerala backwaters.

Pickadly Houseboats decided to begin the work of Royal Suite after they got suggestions from the clients to build a luxury houseboat that giving priority to the client’s privacy and luxury. The amenities in Royal Suite houseboat includes fully glassed separate living area, spacious bedroom, luxury accommodation, completely glassed private dining area etc. Besides, English speaking uniformed team members will help you by giving you good suggestions on Kerala cultures and attractions in the locality.

Rooms at Pickadly houseboats

Apart from the Royal suite houseboat, Pickadly has other major five types of houseboats.

  • The Royal Suite of Pickadly houseboats: Pickadly houseboats are offering various kinds of houseboat services as per the requirements of the visitors.  The major one among them is Royal Suite Luxury houseboat, the most preferred one. The Brand Luxury Single Bed Room Royal Suite houseboat began the cruise in 2011. Compared to other single bedroom houseboats in Alleppey, Royal Suite is the best one and it has its own specialties. 
  • Eight Bedroom Premium Houseboats: The Eight Bedroom Premium Houseboats are designed and constructed in an elegant style. The rooms are really comfortable and luxurious for a family of 3 people. Full-time Air condition and large glass walls are the specialties of the eight bedroom premium houseboat. In all bedrooms, there is fixed LCD TV to have a private family time. Large living area and dining space are designed such a way to give the beautiful view of backwaters. Visitors are also provided with sunbath facilities in the cruise.
  • Four Bedroom Deluxe Houseboats: In this type of houseboat, you will get the benefit of fully furnished four bedrooms with attached bathroom facility and fully open upper deck. You can indulge in fishing activities during your journey. Other attractive facilities like TV room and space for Candle light dinner are available in the houseboat.
  • Two bedroom Deluxe Houseboat & Classic Legend Premium Houseboats: Apart from Eight and Four Bedroom Deluxe Houseboats, the Pickadly Houseboats are of two bedrooms category. They are apt for a small family trip or a lavish honeymoon cruise. The houseboat is very compact and comfy. The houseboat offers you the same facilities as in four bedrooms deluxe houseboat. Two Bedroom Classic Legend Premium Houseboats features all the facilities that the other Pickadly deluxe type houseboats offer. The houseboats have a special food menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Between you will be provided with snacks including tea, coffee, French fries or banana fritters.
  • One Bedroom Deluxe Houseboats: In one bedroom deluxe houseboat, you can get special facilities to enjoy a honeymoon. The houseboat offers special privacy space for couples as well as opens beautiful deck space to take pleasure in time together, enjoying exciting backwater views. Houseboat team makes arrangements for a wedding flower and cake on the request of guests. Above all, the Deluxe Houseboat is the most demanding and luxurious one which offers amazing amenities for its guests.
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    What We Love

    • Managing different cruise route is a greater specialty of Royal Suite houseboat.
    • The cruise will offer you the chances to watch the tropical vegetation and local life of people from different directions.
    • The houseboat is well appreciated for offering delicious Kerala special traditional foods.
    • You can choose any type of Kerala food from the special menu.  Moreover, full time air-condition, Jacuzzi & Shaver panel, world-class lighting etc. are also provided in the houseboat with other comfy facilities to make your evenings more enjoyable.
    • Royal Suite maintains all the international standards and thus the travelers can feel safe and happy to enjoy their vacation.

    What To Know

    • Pickadly Cruiser provides eight bedroom houseboat cruises offering facilities to conduct a family get-together or a birthday party, grand in the ambiance of backwaters. The houseboat consists of almost all amenities like living area, dining hall, bedrooms with attached bathroom and kitchen. In addition, a sunbath area is included in the houseboat. Pickadly Eight Bedroom Premium Houseboats look like a Ship or Vessel at a glance. Group tours can be attractively conducted in this houseboat with all the amenities for a vibrant team to rock.  
    • Planning for a honeymoon, family get-together, birthday celebration or anything that demands a beautiful space to have fun? Get ready for a lavish trip at Pickadly Royal Suite Houseboat through Alleppey backwaters. 


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