How to Get Ready for a Beach Holiday?

November 28, 2020 3 min read
How to get ready for a beach holiday?


How to Get Ready for a Beach Holiday?

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Beach vacation style ideas, what to pack, what to wear, and how to get ready for a beach holiday perfectly.

When you can’t stand the hustle and bustle of city life and wish to take a break, a beach getaway is the most preferred option of all. With spring just around the corner, jetting off to a beach would be on the cards for many of you. With something or the other keeping, you busy before you actually get started with the trip, here we are to take care of your style quotient and what’s need to be packed.

As you need to take care of flight and hotel bookings, tourist guides, food, and so many other things, it doesn’t mean that your wardrobe has to suffer. You are in the perfect place to know how to get ready for a beach holiday?. We are here to make your trip lifetime memorable.

Whether you’re going the chic route in monochrome separates or are in love with beachwear dresses in happy colors, we have got you covered on almost everything that you should be taking care of to look fashionable all the while you’re traveling for a beach holiday in Kerala. Kerala is definitely one of the most visited destinations in India because of the beaches over there.

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And the luxury resorts in Kerala can make you their true admirer as they are not only good to look at but also gives you a heavenly feel.

Here are the 5 tips about how to get ready for a beach holiday:

1. Shorts

To look gorgeous and hot altogether, don’t forget to pack a few pairs of hot shorts. Even if you’re more of an adventure freak who’d love to do water sports, cotton shorts for women would be a prerequisite. Cotton is always a better choice over denim as beachwear. So, keeping that in mind go with some pop colors like hot pink, aqua blue, blood red, or flashy green.

Looking hippie in shorts along with enjoying all the adventures coming your way becomes a lot easier. Team your cool shorts with tanks or tube tops to exude that oh-so-cool look. If you don’t believe much in the skin show, you can opt for cool t-shirts for women to go with your shorts. Men too can go with this combination as it’s so versatile.

2. Dresses

Beaches are all about flaunting your long dresses, and so one cannot think of going without a maxi dress. Ladies, it’s time to show off your curves, and what better way to do it than long gowns made of silky, flowy fabrics like georgette, chiffon, or cotton. A perennial trend, florals have yet again made a comeback, and you can definitely pack a lot of floral dresses to rock your beach look.

3. Makeup and accessories

Ask a girl what is that she could survive on for the rest of her life and she will say just two things—clothes and makeup. Definitely, a girl cannot do without her makeup no matter where is she.

And if you’re heading to a seashore, some essentials that you need to keep by your side are a sunscreen lotion with high SPF, kohl, and lip balm. If you want your beach getaway to be a relaxed one, apply a lot of sunscreens to avoid tan. As far as accessories are concerned, you can’t do without sunglasses and hats of course get ready for a beach holiday. The bigger, the better!

4. Backpacks

Are you still thinking of taking that huge stroller bag on the trip? Well, if yes then you really need to think again as I would advise you to go for a lighter and trendier option in luggage. Something like backpacks could be a better option as these are easy-to-carry and are spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. Moreover, your fashion quotient would always be on a high with a sturdy backpack in neon color. Get one now!

5. Flip flops

When going to a beach, ditch your sandals for cool flip flops. Go for trendier styles like thongs or Havaianas flip flops and stay relaxed while taking strolls at the beach. These cool companions will make your beach trip a little more relaxing.

With all this, you also need to keep your toiletry kit, medicines, snacks, and an inspiring book. Dress like a jet setter and make this trip more enjoyable. Happy holidays!

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