Top 10 Best wellness retreats in India

September 29, 2022 7 min read
Best wellness retreats in India


Top 10 Best wellness retreats in India

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Our lives are progressing at a rapid pace to sync up with the changing world revolving around different spheres of technology, industry, art, culture, and so on. Each one of us is striving to cope with the advances in our individual professional fields. Our mind is stressed out every day, engulfed with anxieties, tensions, and worries.

The tiring soul craves the refreshing air and an environment surrounded by peace and calmness. What can be more soothing and pleasant than healing the soul with some good detox spa and Ayurvedic treatments? They offer solace to the heart, a feeling of utmost tranquility. Introducing the top 10 best wellness retreats in India where you can spend a small vacation to cool your inner self.

1. Vana Retreat in Dehradun

Vana retreat at Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand is one of the best wellness retreats in India. Spread across a huge area of 21 acres of land, the pleasant and soothing climate prevailing at the resort premises is enticing.

Vana Retreat in Dehradun

Nestled within the beautiful dense sal forests, the retreat is bliss to stay in and spend a vacation devoid of stress and worry. You can entertain your ears with the gulping sounds of the river Ganges flowing past the estate. They have several wellness programs and detox facilities to select from. The food in the in-house cuisine is selected thoughtfully considering the well-being of the visitors.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. The Ayurvedic treatments
  2. Sowa Rigpa – the treatment of the traditional Tibetan medicinal culture

2. Niramaaya Wellness Resort in Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country, is adorned by charming backwaters, enticing lush greenery, and a refreshingly cool environment. Staying at a wellness resort amid the place is a solace to the mind and soul. Niramaaya Wellness resort in Kerala is one such alluring abode and is one of the best wellness retreats in India.

Niramaaya Wellness Resort in Kerala

Its wellness programs are designed and its cuisine is prepared to suit different types of people visiting the resort and opting to stay. They assess and analyze the physical and mental conditions of their guests and personalize the packages accordingly. Its location is unique, surrounded by the majestic Arabian sea and an array of Palm trees.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Thai and European traditional healing and medicinal practices
  2. Weight loss programs
  3. Stress management programs.

3. Ananda Spa in Uttarakhand

Located within the heart of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges, Ananda Spa in Uttarakhand is one of the best wellness retreats in India. They offer a luxurious stay coupled with a variety of wellness and detox programs. The programs are meant to relieve tensions and anxieties, detoxing the mind and body.\

Ananda Spa in Uttarakhand

The dishes in its cuisine are specially prepared for releasing the body toxins and reducing the unnecessary fat content from the body. The organic food at their boutique spa is worth a try. Adventurous lovers and sports admirers will love to engage in safaris, treks, different excursions, nature walks, and play golf, or billiards.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Meditation programs
  2. Stress management programs
  3. Yoga classes
  4. Ayurvedic sessions
  5. Cleansing therapy sessions

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4. Auroville Retreat in Puducherry

Puducherry is a destination for people who love to seek solace in the vicinity of nature and yearn for ultimate comfort. Auroville retreat is a peaceful haven and one of the pleasant and best wellness retreats in India. A blissful place wrapped with quietude and solitude, it is a blessing to stay at the resort and experience the specially curated wellness programs.

The packages and the number of sessions can be selected depending on your needs and preferences.

Auroville Retreat in Pondicherry

Strolling inside the resort campus is sure to soothe your soul and refresh your mind. The resort has an in-house dining facility serving delectable and nutritious cuisine.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Health programs
  2. Body detox programs
  3. Mind detox programs
  4. Life improvisation programs to boost mental health and confidence

5. Shreyas Retreat in Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a busy and happening city. But then the city doesn’t miss to bring moments of solace and calm and Shreyas retreat is one of the best wellness retreats to offer such an experience. You will surely love the resort away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The resort has several yoga and meditation sessions which help in reducing several chronic body ailments and mental distress.

Shreyas Retreat in Bengaluru

The cuisine is worthy of mention, serving some nutritious and healthy foods in tune with its superb wellness packages.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Programs for handling anxieties
  2. Wellness packages for insomnia and psychological traumas
  3. Sessions for blood pressure and blood sugar

6. Araiya Palampur – A Norwood Heights Resort, Palampur

Araiya Palampur is one of the most luxurious and best wellness retreats in India. It is frequented by prominent Bollywood celebrities. The location of the resort is unique, nestled within the breathtaking and gorgeous Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. Its ayurvedic treatments and spa are perfect for experiencing a complete refreshment.


The garden and the terrace at the resort are perfect for sitting and relaxing while observing the beautiful panoramic and scenic views of the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The continental breakfast at its restaurant is delicious and mouth-watering.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Oriental treatments
  2. Ayurvedic treatments
  3. Spa

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7. Atmantan wellness resort, Pune

Atmantan wellness resort is a perfect place to spend your vacation with family and friends or even solo. Overlooking the picturesque Mulshi lake and nestled atop a hill, the resort in Pune is a blissful place to stay. The resort is popular and prominent in hosting several Bollywood artists.

Atmantan wellness resort Pune

The resort has qualified and certified experts in nutrition and fitness to assist the guests in suggesting the best wellness programs and treatments suited and required for their bodies and mind.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Disease management program
  2. Cleansing and detox program
  3. Stress management program
  4. Sleep improvement program
  5. Mental wellness program

8. Hilton Shillim estate retreat and spa, Shilimb

Spread across a huge area of about 320 acres, the Hilton Shillim estate retreat and spa is one of the fascinating and best wellness retreats in India. The resort is located in Shilimb in Maharashtra, overlooking the majestic Sahyadri mountain ranges. It has a wellness center offering several treatments and wellness programs.


The resort houses luxurious villas, a yoga pavilion, and 4 terraces to sit and relax. The spa is capable of providing 150 treatments with options for food and beverages. Lips-smacking dishes from the Indian and Mediterranean cuisines are served at the in-house restaurants.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Preventive medicine wellness package
  2. Physiology exercises
  3. Nutrition and dietetics programs
  4. Conflict resolution programs
  5. Spiritual wellbeing programs

9. The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, New Chandigarh

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa report has witnessed the weddings of several celebrities and hosted many Bollywood artists. The location of the resort in the foothills of the Himalayas is unique. The resort is 30 minutes outside the city of Chandigarh and is encompassed by dense and verdant forests.

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, New Chandigarh

It offers several therapy sessions, a spa, an aromatic steam sauna, a vitality pool, an infrared sauna, A Roman tepidarium, hydrotherapy pools, and a Turkish hammam. The in-house restaurants offer Continental, English, Irish, Vegetarian, and Asian cuisines.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Ayurvedic therapy
  2. Eastern therapy
  3. Western therapy

10. Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village, Goa

The Ashiyana Yoga and Spa village, is located along the Madrem beach of Goa, which offers all modern amenities coupled with traditional therapies and treatments. The lush green line of palm trees inside the village is a treat to the eyes. There is a swimming pool and many areas for meditation and yoga.


The visitors can also learn about the different treatments from the experts and experienced teachers and instructors in the resort. Workshops and yoga classes are held regularly.

The prominent treatment and programs offered are:

  1. Ayurvedic treatments and massages
  2. AcroYoga
  3. Karma Yoga
  4. Yoga Nidra

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Concluding Notes…

The wellness retreats in India are an ideal abode to rejuvenate yourself. The wellness programs, treatments, and therapies help in resolving several chronic ailments, pains, and mental and physical distress. Further, they offer solace to the mind and heart, a relief from the daily humdrum of life.

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