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Best Luxury Spas in Kerala5 min read

October 27, 2020 4 min read


Best Luxury Spas in Kerala5 min read

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Experience Spas with Luxury and Nature! Best Luxury Spas in Kerala

Kerala is the main home for Ayurvedic medicine in India. It has a knack for attracting many visitors from around the world. Almost all who visit are struck by the awe of the amount of natural beauty Kerala boasts.

5 Best Luxury Spas in Kerala

The perfect climate it offers along with those lovely boat rides and the amazing beaches is really all anyone could ever ask for. But amidst this natural beauty lie some of the best luxury resorts in the country. Today, we will be looking at some of the spas in these resorts, and we will be covering their luxurious features which are all worth visiting if you are in Kerala.

Best Luxury Spas in Kerala


Sitting on a cliff, the Leela is a hotel that offers a panoramic look of the entire Kovalam shoreline and also the Arabian Sea. The main attractions of this resort are that it is surrounded by private beaches and has its very own luxury spa. The spa at the Leela is called the Divya spa, and it has an insane amount of options, ranging from exotic Thai treatments to the magical traditional Swedish massages. A holiday in Kerala cannot be justified if you do not visit the amazing spas here.

There is one kind of massage known as the ‘Chavutti Thirummu’. What happens in this one is that the therapist is suspended above your back with a rope and massages your entire body with just her feet! Another thing to try is the famed ‘Shirodhara’ which is a kind of oil that the therapist pours on your head, which helps in creating beautiful mental images.

It is as relaxing as relaxation can get, and the room is wonderfully fragrant and calming. The best thing about the spa here at the Leela is that it is completely natural. There are no air conditioners here, and it is still very breezy and cool because of all the open windows. The sound of the ocean is calming too.

What we loved

  • The wooden interiors and a beautiful and relaxing spa.

What to know

  • Up to date facilities.


This restaurant offers an outdoor pool plus a restaurant. Marari is located only 100m away from the Marari beach; it is easily accessible. The people there also provide free Wi-Fi. The rooms are fully air-conditioned, and there is also a minibar in each one of them. The bathroom section includes bathrobes, hot showers, and also has free slippers and toiletries. You will also have a desk and a fan in your room. Let us talk a bit about the upcoming spa here.

It is still in the making, but some privileged customers have had the chance to get treatment there and oh! It was relaxing as anything. They have various oil treatments, and the therapists specialize in a lot of types of spas that enrich the body and soul. The developments here have called the Xandari Marari as the greatest spa resort in India.

What we loved about this place was

  • The accessibility from various places.
  • The attention to detail and several free facilities.

What to know about this place is

  • Has a frontal help desk that is available 24 by 7.
  • The type of food they serve and also about their outdoor Pools.


Niraamaya Retreats is the resort that shows the most romantic side of Kerala on the seaside gates of Trivandrum. It has a private beach and a beautiful pool which faces the sea. The spa treatments here are exotic, and they do so intending to pamper you fully. These spa sessions can also be done with a bit of yoga, all of which face the sea. All the spa treatments and the yoga exercises performed here are done under the care of an expert Ayurvedic doctor.

The spa treatments here are highly personalized, and treatment differs from person to person, depending on the body weight and frame of the person. There are different therapists for both males and females, with male therapists attending the men and female therapists attending the women. There are various types of spa treatments available here that are enjoyable, So this is why Niraamaya retreats have been ranked as having one of the best spa treatments in Kerala.

What we loved

  • The exotic and various types of spa treatments

What to know

  • The strict Ayurvedic regimen that the practitioners follow


Just a mere 6 minutes away from the beach, this hotel/resort/spa is a 5-star establishment full of luxurious ventures. The facilities it has to offer are an outdoor pool, parking which is free of cost and free access to Wi-Fi in public places as well.

The rooms here are fully air-conditioned and have a bonus of a safe in them. Other amenities include tea and coffee makers and television. These suites also have bathrooms ladled with toiletries.

Uday Samudra has something called ‘The Ocean Spa’. It is a luxurious spa for wellness which was made to provide scientifically proven spa treatment in the most luxurious of ways. The environment is completely natural. Facing the ocean, this spa has to be one of the most exotic spas in all of Kerala. They too, have mastered the art of wellness through various spa styles, all of them highly effective.

What we love

  • The Ayurvedic massages

What to know

  • The ocean spa and dental spa treatments


Another hotel that is very close to the beach, you can reach Soma Palmshore in 2 minutes.

It has a private beach, an aged yet fantastic Ayurvedic spa, and an outdoor pool. Other facilities outdoors include free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Soma Palmshore is known for its traditional and Ayurvedic spas, which it has been practising since when it was established. The key features here are meditation, therapeutic massages, and oil therapies. These spas are built in a very natural environment, which helps in the relaxation of nerves and soothes the soul. It is one of Soma Palmshore’s biggest attractions.

What we loved

  • The Ayurvedic spa.
  • The balconies.

What to know

  • The great room service facilities and the yoga on the beach sessions.

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