Best Beaches in Kerala To Surf, Swim, And Soak In The Sun

January 7, 2024 8 min read
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Best Beaches in Kerala To Surf, Swim, And Soak In The Sun

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Kerala is called God’s own country because of its backwaters, beautiful green valleys, forests, rugged hills, and captivating atmosphere. The state is a tourist delight with breathtaking landscapes, a tranquil atmosphere, resorts, ayurvedic treatment, and delicious food.

It is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Kerala has a long coastline and is blessed to have some spectacular beaches. In this blog, whether you’re a surfer, swimmer, or just someone who loves lounging by the shore, these beaches in Kerala will provide you with unforgettable experiences. We describe some of the best beaches in Kerala.

Top 10 beaches in Kerala for the dream vacation

There are 33 beaches in Kerala all over, some of which are spectacular. The beaches are the perfect location to unwind. The best time to plan your vacation is between September and March. Here are the top 10 beaches in Kerala that you should consider visiting on your upcoming vacation. Explore the top 10 beaches in Kerala that are perfect for surfing, swimming, and soaking up the sun.

1.Kovalam beach, Thiruvananthapuram


Kovalam Beach is the largest beach in Kerala and is extremely popular. The beach is just half an hour from Thiruvananthapuram and has three beaches: Eva Beach (Hawa), Samudra Beach, and Lighthouse Beach. Kovalam Beach came into prominence in the 1970s and became a popular beach for hippies.

Lighthouse Beach is the busiest beach in Kovalam. It is named after the magnificent Vizhinjam lighthouse, which is 118 feet tall and stands on the Kurumkal Hill at one end of the beach. You have to pay a small fee to climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and its surroundings.

Hawa Beach was once known for being India’s first topless beach, though it is now prohibited. Hawah Beach is a lovely and tranquil beach with white sand. It is perfect for lounging and soaking in the view. You can see a lot of fishermen working with their traditional boats and nets.

Samudhra Beach is another secluded and tranquil beach in Kovalam. It is known for its coarse sand and rocky outcroppings that give it a rough appearance.

Several resorts sprung up near the beach. Kovalam provides a range of accommodation options, like luxurious, boutique ayurvedic, and budget hotels.

Activities: Kovalam Beach is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and various water sports activities like diving, surfing, and parasailing. If you are interested in learning the basics, there are local surf schools that teach the basics. Alternatively, you can enjoy a relaxing herbal massage. You can enjoy delectable snacks at the various beachside stalls near the beach.

How to reach: The closest airport is the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, and Trivandrum Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station. Both are approximately 15 kilometers from the beach. You can hire a cab or use buses to reach Kovalam Beach.

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2.Varkala Beach, Varkala


Varkala Beach, or Papanasam Beach, is one of the best beaches in Kerala. The beach has a stunning landscape with the Arabian Sea and a large cliff as a backdrop. The beach is called Papansam Beach because locals believe it will wash away our sins.

Varkala Beach is ideal for family vacations or romantic getaways where people may take in some peace while watching the sunset or savoring meals at several restaurants close to the shore. The beach is long and wide.

There is a natural spring at the northern end of the beach. The spring is said to have natural healing properties, and several tourists take a bath there or book an Ayurvedic treatment at spas close to the beach. Try to visit the 2,000-year-old Janardana Swami Temple, the temple is on the top of a cliff overlooking the beach.

Varkala is several accommodation options, from 5-star hotels to budget hotels to ayurvedic resorts.

Activities: You can swim or try water sports options like paragliding, skiing, banana boat rides, and kayaking. You can also sit back and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the sunset or walk through the villages close to the beach. If you want something more laid back, you can avail yourself of yoga and ayurvedic massage options. Don’t forget to try some of the delicious seafood available at local restaurants.

How to reach: Varkala is well-connected to the rest of the country by road and rail. Varkala Sivagiri Railway Station is the closest railway station. Private and public buses ply between Varkala and the beach. However, there is no direct air service to Varkala. The Thiruvananthapuram airport, which connects Varkala to the rest of India, is around 40 kilometers away.

3.Marari Beach, Mararikulam village


Marari Beach is 16 km from Alappuzha (Alleppey). It is the perfect location for people who want to spend some time on the beach before exploring the backwaters.

The beach derives its name from the small coastal town of Mararikulam. It is the perfect location to relax and revitalize yourself. The pristine beach has golden sand dotted with casuarina trees and coconut palms.

Activities: Other than soaking in the amazing view, you can enroll in a yoga class or take a relaxing ayurvedic massage. Additionally, you can sign up for water sports like surfing, water skiing, and parasailing. The waters are safe and clean enough for a swim.

How to reach: The closest airport is Cochin International airport and the railway station is Alappuzha railway station.

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4.Beypore Beach,Kozhikode district


One of the best beaches in Kerala is Beypore Beach.The ancient port town of Beypore, also known as Beypur (previously Beypoor), is a locality in the Kozhikode district of Kerala, India.The place is situated across from Chaliyam, which is the estuary where the Chaliyar River empties into the Arabian Sea.

Activities:Enjoy the excitement of riverboat excursions along the Chaliyar River, which provide a fascinating look into the area’s maritime history. Take a nap on the sandy beaches or play beach volleyball.

How to reach:When traveling by plane, arrive at Calicut International Airport, then hop in a taxi for a comfortable ride. Alternatively, take the train to the Kozhikode Railway Station and then take a short bus or taxi ride to the beach.

5. Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzha


Alappuzha Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in Kerala and is famous for its 140-year-old pier and nearby lighthouse.

Several festivals are organized on the beach, like the Alappuzha Beach Festival and the Sand Art Festival. Tourists and locals attend and participate in the festivals. The Nehru Trophy Boat Race in August is now one of the major attractions in Kerala. If you enjoy shopping, you can hear you can visit Mullakkal Street.

Activities: There is a choice of exciting water sports like surfing, parasailing, boat races, and motorboat riding. Alternatively, you discover yourself through yoga and meditation at the Ayurvedic and yoga centers close to the beach. The sessions are held early every morning, and watching the sun rise while you are doing yoga is a surreal experience.

How to get here: The closest airport to Alappuzha Beach is Cochin International Airport. Alappuzha has its own railway station, and KRTC Bus stand is approximately 4.5 km from the beach.

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6.Cherai Beach, Kochi


Cherai Beach is around 25 km from Kochi and is the perfect getaway from the city’s chaos. It is one of the best beaches in Kerala and is well known for its Chinese fishing nets also called Sheena wala locally. The famous explorer Zheng is said to have introduced the nets.
Cherai Beach is also referred to as the “Princess of Arabia”. The high mask lamps that line the boardwalk edges make the beach beautiful at night.

The beach is not very busy and is perfect for people looking for a tranquil atmosphere. You can walk on the beach looking for unique sea shells while soaking in the view of the coconut tree swaying in the breeze and if you are lucky you may spot dolphins swimming.

Activities: You can go for a swim or if you enjoy water sports, many businesses offer kayaking, stand-up paddling, scuba diving, ATV rides, banana boat rides, speed boat rides, and parasailing.

How to reach: The nearest rail junction to Cherai Beach is Ernakulam Junction which has trains to and from important Indian cities. Cochin International Airport is the closest airport. To get to the beach, you can take a taxi or charter a bus from the railway station or bus.

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7.Muzhappilangad Beach, Kannur


Muzhappilangad Beach is unique because it is Kerala’s only drive-in beach. The beach is 7km from Thalasery in Kannur district. You can enjoy driving down the 4 km of Muzhappilangad Beach while admiring the lovely waves lapping at the shore and the swaying coconut palms. It is one of the top attractions near Kannur.

Activities: The beach is perfect for swimming because the black boulders scattered along the shore protect swimmers from strong currents. There are several options if you enjoy adventure sports like parasailing, paragliding, catamaran rides, microlight flights, and powerboating.

You can take your children to the children’s park close to the beach. You can grab a bite to eat and try Malabar cuisine at the beachside shacks. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

How to reach: The nearest railway station in Kannur is 15 km from the beach. Karipur International Airport is 100 km from the beach.

8.Poovar Beach, Trivandrum


Poovar is located very close to the natural harbor of Vizhinjam in Trivandrum. The 56-kilometer Neyyar River empties into the Arabian Sea close to Poovar.Discover the allure of this pristine destination, where golden sands meet the gentle embrace of backwaters.

Activities:Take a Neyyar River cruise to discover tranquility while seeing thriving ecosystems. Savor picnics on sun-kissed sands by the beach and engage in exhilarating water sports. Ayurvedic renewal will round out your vacation.

How to reach:The closest airport is Trivandrum International Airport. After landing, take a taxi ride to Poovar. Take the train to Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station, from where you can get a bus or a taxi to the beach.

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9.Payyambalam Beach, Kannur


Payyambalam Beach offers a mosaic of peace and exploration. Take a leisurely stroll on the golden sands, cool off in the waves, or play beach volleyball for an exciting game of beach volleyball.

Activities:Take a swim in the cool waves or give beach volleyball a go for some exciting entertainment. Capture breathtaking sunset vistas to produce moments fit for a picture.

How to reach:Kannur International Airport is the closest airport. Hire a taxi from Kannur Railway Station to take a picturesque drive to Payyambalam Beach. For a quick trip to the beach, taxis and other local transportation options are offered.

10.Kappad Beach, Kozhikode district


The Kappad Beach or Kappakadavu Beach is near Kollyland village in the Khozikode district and your visit to Kozhikode is incomplete without visiting this famous beach. The beach with silver sand, is surrounded by coconut trees.The beach is known for its natural beauty and calm environment, and one of the best natural beaches in Kerala is Kappad Beach. A visit to Kappad Beach is a part of your itinerary if you visit Khozikode.

Historical events at Kappad Beach have had a significant impact on Keralan history. Vasco da Gama and his team of 170 men set foot on these shores over 500 years ago. The beach became a thriving part of the spice route. An 800-year-old temple is one of the major attractions.

Activities: You can do several things at the beach like sunbathing, beach games like volleyball, or boat rides. The beachside stalls serve delicious seafood. You can plan a short houseboat trip down the River Kappad to the backwaters.

How to reach: You can take a flight to Calicut International Airport is 45 km, or a train to Kozhikode Railway Station is 35 km from the beach. You can either take a bus or taxi from both destinations.

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