Best Tree Houses in Kerala

Best Tree Houses in Kerala

Live with Nature!

Kerala offers outstanding accommodation choices to its visitors in the form of wonderful tree houses. Dwelling on the deluxe and comfortable tree houses in nature’s lap would really be an enthralling experience for all types the travelers. Kerala has an array of tree houses accessible according to one’s budget, to absorb the breezy ambiance of nature from tree tops.

The tree houses of Kerala are stylishly designed wooden cottages constructed on top of the trees at an altitude of 20-90 ft above the ground. Built of raw materials like bamboo poles, hay straw, coir mats, existing trees used as pillars, the tree houses are the adapted version of ‘Erumadam’, generally built by the tribes to guard them against the attacks of the wild animals. To increase the happiness of your stay, all the tree houses are offered with modern facilities like comfy beds, telephone, wash basins, flushable toilets and attached bathrooms. Besides, they provide a balcony where you can sit and take pleasure in the enthralling beauty of nature. The light is given by solar energy or kerosene lantern lamps. The food is prepared from organic fruits and vegetables. A native bamboo lift is used to reach to the tree-houses, which works on a single counter weight of water system to stay away from contamination and noise created by usual means.

Most of the tree houses are positioned in the green tropical rain forests enclosed by striking tea and spice plantations. Travelers can also have the benefit of exhilarating nature beauty deep in the verdant woods to discover the prosperity of the flora and fauna of the area. Residing in the bamboo tree houses is a unique experience. Kerala tree houses are well admired among the tourists. The major places for a tree house experience are Wayanad, Munnar, and Thekkady.


 Dream Catcher Resort, Munnar

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This Resort will catch your dreams to make it into reality. Set in the middle of 20 acres of tea, cardamom, and orange plantations, the Dream Catcher Plantation Resort at Munnar is one of the most popular tree houses in Kerala. The interiors are complicatedly constructed with the exclusive pattern so as to grab individual feel and favorite. This, with the appealing setting, will make you feel close to the rural, natural world without losing touch of city opulence. A grilled savor served piping hot from the bonfire is a must to have at the multi-cuisine restaurant. A wide event calendar filled with fun-to-do activities like hiking, trekking, guided plantation tour and bird-watching is an extra benefit. The orange-added tea and the cardamom-flavored cookies will fade away the fatigue of hiking. Old antiques are available to grant your abode that rustic feel as well.

Dream Catcher Plantation Resort is actually an amazing and lavish resort, set in exotic tea and cardamom plantations in Western Ghats of Kerala. Dream catcher Plantation Resort is situated at Tea Company. The romance and brilliance of Munnar are seized at Dream Catcher Tree Houses. The panoramic view presented by the balconies of the Tree Houses gives you a view of the forests as well as that of certain exceptional species of birds and butterflies. Placed at an elevation of 60 feet from the ground, the tree houses grant privacy and serene ambiance especially for honeymooners. The aerial view of forest and valleys are capable to take your breath away. The splendid panoramic views welcome couples from every nook and corner of the world. If you failed to set romance before leaving home, you will find it here at the Dream Catcher’s tree house.

Vythiri Tree House, Wayanad

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Situated in the verdant green forests of Wayanad, Vythiri Tree House is a part of Vythiri Resorts, and it is a natural escape for all naturalists. This 150-acre belonging is placed with a forest clothed hill and also includes natural water springs. Set above the lush jade canopy of the Rain Forests, there are five tree houses, including one entirely child-friendly tree house. The wooden thatch roofs and bamboo walls built by members of indigenous tribes bring in the rural appeal.

The Vythiri Resort's Tree Houses provide all domestic ease and are considered to exploit the natural spring water that streams down from the adjacent hills. Solar energy is used as the energy source. Due to some logistical limitation, only a restricted amount of baggage will be permitted to be carried on to the tree house with the visitors. In case of an urgent situation, this small luggage will help you move faster to a safer area. Travelers would be allowed to relocate personal items that are totally necessary for the period of the stay. The rest of the luggage would be kept protected at the reception and would be handed over on inspecting out from the tree house.

Vanya Tree house, Thekkady

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Vanya Treehouse in Thekkady is encircled by a vast canopy of foliage and thick green trees presenting a breathtaking jungle stay in Thekkady. The moment one enters the premises, they will be in seventh heaven. While staying at Vanya, the guests are tending to follow the local lifestyles living very ethnic. The Malayalam word Vanya means “the beauty of the forest” and the experience in Vanya does honesty to the name of this tree house which is built on a solo tree on the face of the mountain. Vanya understanding starts with a trip in the Jeep from where you have to hike to reach the tree house. The trek is of modest attempt and contains a hill in the woods with three different hollow stops. The Treehouse is built of eco-friendly wooden resources and the stay in this tree house presents a panoramic view of close Forests, Hills and Valleys. Besides, you can view some wild animals as well.

The treehouse is situated about 6-7km away from the resort which is reachable in a 4×4 vehicle or by trekking. The visitors are given an option to choose from the alternative. The trek is a vertical 30 minute one along cardamom plantations. The last 1km is a small and thrilling off-road drive up the hill. Before commencing the hike, the travelers will be handed an essential survival kit. The guests are recommended to get their lunch packed before they begin the walk. After the trek, the visitors are provided with welcome drinks in a wonderfully decorated hut which is the dining area. The treehouse is another 5 minutes climb from the shack.

The suite in the treehouse is designed in a cultural way with all essential amenities. The furnishing of the rooms is arranged in a wooden touch to detain the real spirit of nature. The whole performances in Vanya tree house are eco-friendly with a conventional touch. The food is served in clay pots and the wooden or coconut shell spoons. The visitors are motivated to apply Ummikari (charcoal powder) and twigs of neem or mango trees to brush their teeth. These are the customary way of maintaining dental hygiene in Kerala. Similarly, green gram paste (moong dal paste) and a normal herbal scrubber called ‘Inja’ are offered for bathing purposes.

Rainforest Resort, Athirappilly

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The resort gives an amazing sumptuousness of witnessing the waterfalls right in front of the dwell while you marinate in the wilds that remain around the forest. The guests will be fascinated in a jiffy they enter the resort premises. There will be birds and monkeys alive in adjacent quarters during your stay. The space in the single exclusive treehouse here is relaxed and built with vigilant concentration granting all required amenities. The travelers who stay here will not have a mind to depart the infinity pool. The pool is located in the middle of thick foliage providing adequate privacy and a glance of the mighty falls. During the pleasant nights, one could sit back and calm down at the poolside simply chatting with family or friends or simply lie down gazing at the stars. A middle path from the bottom of the hotel leads the visitors to the waterfalls. There is a display of conventional cooking methods by the tribal village people at nighttime. The visitors will enjoy the hours of darkness listening or singing local songs while the food is being cooked over the fire in cane poles.

The tree house in Athirapally Rainforest resort is well designed, comfy and clean, with a spectacular view of the waterfalls. The treehouse has been done up with great fusion and lifting the view of the waterfalls the protagonist of the experience and is an outstanding example of the blending of nature with current architecture and this is the only treehouse in Kerala where you can view picturesque waterfalls while sitting in the gallery of the treehouse.

There is a recreation room where the guests can have the benefit of a movie; read or play some games during free time. Wi-Fi facility is available in the resort. Breakfast and dinner are served as a buffet which includes various customary Kerala dishes prepared with proficiency. Apart from the loveliness of the setting, the generosity and professionalism of the employees here are known to be notable. The guests can gain the services of a guided tropical rain forest walk where they will witness a range of extraordinary flora and fauna. The guides are regional natives who have broad knowledge about the tropical forest and its animal residents. For anyone visiting Athirapilly falls, this tree house stay is certainly the right place to splatter.

Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse, Munnar

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Kaivalyam retreat Treehouse is a matchless resort recognized for its client friendliness, excellent organic food, and extra leisure services. The resort is a dreamlike heaven situated amidst the forest. This resort emphasizes on providing holistic refreshment for the mind and body of the guests. The visitors are encouraged to gain knowledge of holistic lifestyles, yoga and natural way of life while staying here. There is a plentiful plant nearby the property which sets the right ambiance for implement the mode of nature. The visitors are treated here with remarkable generosity by the owner and team which make it the perfect location for families too. The rooms are set with comfy bedding, fresh showers with hot water, LED TV, telephones, tea kettle, etc. The balcony of the rooms grants scenic views of the closest mountains, valleys and tea plantations. The dining area is a casual space where it is easier for the visitors to interact with each other. The resort also has a juice or coffee counter and a group kitchen.

The resort serves pure vegetarian food with a range of dishes for everyone’s taste. The food is prepared with fresh local produce from markets. The activities for visitors contain campfire at night, bird watching walks, indoor games, vegetable garden visits, trekking to nearby river and yoga classes.

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